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  1. Stolen XR 125 alert! LG57 LRK

    Stolen early hours of last thursday 24th September 2015 A blue/white XR 125 L7 in WORCESTER. LG57 LRK i never know but the hawk eyed people in XRV might just see this somewhere on their travels.... Please see pic. Crime/incident number is :22CA 68737N CN 15,or message me here Please is...
  2. Newbie alert ...Be gentle

    Dominator / FMX
    'Evening all, Long time lurker checking in. I have a little experience with the RFVC engine , and have recently acquired a SLR 650 for commuting. First question , what are the major differences in spec between French/European & UK models...........I need a few bits like head bearings Mine...
  3. Rd04 panniers

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Forum virgin alert so be gentle ;) I've been looking on internet for some panniers for my newly acquired rd04. I've come across a company in Romania called Heavyduties. Their panniers look good but has anybody had any dealings with them and can anybody recommend them. I'm nervous about...
  4. Alert for ebay ...... >>:o))

    Africa Twin
    Honda Bros/Hawk GT Project - Africa Twin 750 Engine, CBR600 Front End & WP Shock | eBay Just browsing and saw this and thought of you lot. There, thats my good deed for the day done!:toothy10:
  5. Newbee Alert

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everyone my name is Ray and I live in Essex. Currently ride a Harley 883/1200r Sportster, Ducati 916, Buell XB12XS and a Suzuki DRZ 400e (green laning). I am looking to buy a nice Africa Twin for a little jaunt into Europe or two. Been looking at the AT section for a week or so, thought...
  6. Hello, Hertz? There's a problem with the car......

    I bet that that was some phone call. :D Shipping alert as Vauxhall Corsa missing off Mumbles, Swansea Oops! Just doesn't cover it. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  7. Mod Alert - Hacking prob perhaps ????

    Hey Mods, just got this when I tried the Tech Data page : Arse! Query failed: errorno=1146 error=Table 'xrv.nuke_counter' doesn't exist clean_query=UPDATE nuke_counter SET count=count+1 WHERE (type='total' AND var='hits') OR (var='MSIE' AND type='browser') OR (var='Windows' AND...
  8. stupid question alert

    Dominator / FMX
    how much oil does a dominator hold and need? what would be the harm of having a second tank with more oil in or adding an oil cooler? thanks all
  9. Wimp Alert !!!

    The weather lady this morning said it was "the wettest August on record" in South West Scotland - now I have no idea when these records began but I can confirm that it's been bloody wet up here , and July was a write-off also. Just to add to my general feeling of depression , I think I'm...
  10. Bargain alert... (Halfords Pro Ratchet Spanners)

    A 7 piece kit, for £15 at the till. These are £13ish for each spanner individually, or £80 for the 10piece kit.. Picked up the only set they had at my local store, and they are very good indeed (and the Pro range has a lifetime guarantee..)
  11. Scam alert

    Not sure if this is a new one or not but be aware. Currently have 1 of my bikes on Biketrader, i recieved several emails from a guy in Ireland saying he was interested in the bike and was happy to pay the advertised price without looking at the bike!! He then explained how he would send a...
  12. Numpty Alert!!!

    Africa Twin
    I've just been a complete :knob: and put some diesel in my bike by mistake! I was just going through the pay-at-pump business at my local Morrisons when I spotted a friend arriving at the same petrol station. He parked up on the other side of the same pump and as we chatted I picked up the wrong...
  13. Warning - Potentially stupid question alert.

    Africa Twin
    This may seem like a question with an obvious answer... but... I need to take a mate on the back as a pillion, and, with being large fella myself, will need to do some rear suspension adjustment. The question being... do i need to adjust the locking nut on the spring up or down (from a...
  14. Alert!!!! Please Read Asap!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    I AM ADVERTISING MY @ ON EBAY....AS YOU KNOW:rolleyes: ANYWAY I HAVE JUST RECEIVED THIS MESSAGE FROM A POTENTIAL BUYER! YEH RIGHT!!!! & THIS IS IT (sorry if it ofends) Thank's to the forum we already know you are a scam, you ****...
  15. Porn Alert, Cover Your Eyes Boys and Girls !!!

    Just picked up my copy of MCN - Oh my Gawd !! the new Ducati 1098 is on the cover - it's pure sex !! I couldn't live with one , I couldn't afford to run one , it will break down , the clutch will seize if you leave it standing for 15 mins in the rain, it will need a full strip down and rebuild...
  16. Newbi alert!

    Hi guys, newbie alert! I've just joined as I've been a 'fan' of the Africa twin for ever and having now finally passed my test, I intened to get one (or TransAlp) as soon as possible. I've been haunting this place for a bit in the back-ground but have now taken the plunge and joined...

    Did I see salt on the road this morning or was I dreaming?seems a bit early to me. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  18. NEWBIE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dominator / FMX
    hiya newbie here simon nw london looking to maybe pick up a 96 plate domi tomorrow :lol: currently riding a cbr1100 blackbird but find it too much like hard work doing the to and from work run in 7 miles of traffic jam each way..these bikes are deffo weekend fun things or balistic mile...