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  1. Way to go Alex! Some people have extra balls......

    The greatest comeback of all time? F1 driver who lost legs in horrific crash returns to Brands Hatch to win gold medal in Paralympics cycling | Mail Online
  2. Kids weekend report

    Kids Weekend
    after arriving after the rain Sharrie, Caity M and my self arrived at Hundred house, Forest fields about 2100hrs after being taken out by another spiky land mine in the rear tyre around Merthyr Tydfil. The party had started silly hats, T shirts stickers and Beer. Yet again Sharrie had OCD about...
  3. Cheap RD03 pannier racks available!

    Africa Twin
    I have been in contact with Alex at heavy duties in Romania since September, about the possibility of creating a one off pannier rack for my RD03 (hepco & becker are a whopping 250 quid and no other racks are readily available). Since the snow has cleared up a bit over there Alex has got his...
  4. End of the Hurricane season

    Alex "Hurricane" Higgins has died. I know he was a reprobate, drank too much , probably took a few other ilegal substances too and hardly a role model, but, come on, we'd have all rather than been him than John "Sniffer" Spencer, Ray "Dracula" Reardon or Steve "interesting" Davies. Heaven...
  5. TLD Accommodation update

    The Longest Day
    Included in this post.. RED = UPDATED INFO 1 Sleeps to go 2 Updated Bunkhouse list, 3 TA Lowestoft list, I need numbers asap. An evening meal, a place to securely park your bike, use of their ablutions, cheap bar, place to put up a tent or sleep on a roll mat or gym mat in the drill hall...
  6. TLD Accom Dingle

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, The Dingle bunkhouse bookings at present are: NB. All prices are in Euros, the exchange rate is 1 to 1 (says the bloke living in Germany with a BIG smile on his face) so a €22.00 cost will mean a £22.00 transfer to the TLD account. Twin- €70.00- Mr & Mrs Palerider...
  7. an alp in the jura

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    left home at 07:30 saturday. overcast & +/- 13°c. Rode over to a mate's to meet the others & after a quick coffee off we went. As the southern Jura & High Jura are what could be described as my old stamping ground, I had been volonteered to ride point. The ride down the N6 as far as chalon sur...
  8. Hi From Cardiff

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys Have owned bikes all my life, love 2 strokes and have owned many RD350 lc's. I have been a member of Alex RD Forum for many years and used to enjoy the community until a few people ruined it. I currently have a 2001 Road legal XR250R that I want to sell, I bought it recently to try off...
  9. Mini XRV'ers weekend 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Super weekend had by all - thanks to Sharribee for organising it. First the roll of honour (and apologies if I get names and ages wrong): From left to right: (Ten days in a supporting role) Fynn (A mini Ten Days of 21 months), Alex (A Chadlette of 10), Jamie-lee (a junior Vader of 15), Toni...
  10. New bike test petiton

    There's an online petition set up by a good guy and OYB bike training of camelford Cornwall owner Alex Pinch, doing the rounds about delaying the launch of the MTC (New Super Test for Bikers) until all centres (across the country) are open. The DSA says they’ll all be open within 12 months, so...
  11. somtimes everythings just a cluster****

    as some of you know we are all ready for our holls leaving early tomorrow:D and this being only the third time ive ever been abroad it would seem ive a lot to learn:rolleyes: checking in flights etc online only to find that our youngest passport that is still in date when we come back, but...
  12. Syd: Blue Mountains adventure riding

    Dominator / FMX
    Here are some pics that Alex and I took last Tues in the Upper Blue Mountains. The plan was to ride about 160 clicks to Jenolean Caves from Sydney, then ride the forest trails down to Wombeyan Caves and then return to Sydney via the town of Mittagong. Unfortunatly things did not work out that...
  13. WSB

    wide open or what 2000th of a second seperateing the top 4 and still close further down somthing tells me its going to be a corker of a season :D its also good to see troy corser back on form and showing alex barros where its at :twisted: :wink: :lol: cant wait for the race :D
  14. Maroc 2005

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi, got some pics of the last trip; Ait ben Hadou pist Mhamid road Camp site Salamanca Midelt road Hotel Midelt - Ice cold in Alex moment Hotel Midelt Towards Erachidia
  15. What I did this Summer

    Africa Twin
    Went to France 2 weeks ago, down the Atlantic Coast to a place 40m north of the Pyrenees called Salies de Bearn. Well recommended place to stay.Day trip to Carcasonne and back up via Sarlat and Loire valley. 2,600m in total. Superb trip except for the bloody seat! (Airwhawk on now, wait and...
  16. Wanted: The Idiots guide to owning a Transalp.

    Transalp full os TA info:-)