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  1. For Sale: XR400

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there As mentioned a few months ago in the XR segment of this forum, I am offering up first dibs on my XR400 to you guys. As I now have osteo arthritis in my right foot, kickstarting has lost its appeal somewhat, mostly as it sometimes hurts, anyway. It is a 1996, P reg. Mileage unknown...
  2. Barney bodget pannier brackets part deux

    This might not interest anyone, except those with some spare Nonfango panniers. It might not interest them either, but hey! :D Just received my newly ordered Givi pannier brackets for my new to me 700. as I had the nonfango panniers, the made up brackets as well and these were last fitted to my...
  3. Recovered alp rebuild project

    Following the theft and subsequent recovery last March of my old transalp 600 (in pieces). I'm now gearing up for a project. I have most big parts from my alp here with a frame from a bike a friend broke for spares. As this will never be/feel like the same bike it was, I'm planning a few...
  4. CRF1000L - DIY Auxiliary Fuse Box

    Africa Twin
    If you've had a look at restricted access to the CRF1000L battery you may have come to the conclusion that wiring up your bike electrical accessories requires install of an auxiliary fuse box. I chose to put one under the pillion seat. Total cost about £25. I considered options (Eastern Beaver...
  5. New AT CRF1000L 50.000km test

    Africa Twin
    Interesting to read Prova di durata moto Honda Africa Twin, long test di affidabilità: risultati finali e inconvenienti - Motociclismo What do you think about that cylinder wear on the picture? Honda says it is normal for their engines!? Corrosion on the exhaust also doesn't look good for a...
  6. Best silencers replacement for '95 Domi?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, the silencers on my '95 Dominator are in good condition, but they've become quite loud and I'm looking for a way to make the bike quieter again. I tried opening them to renew steel wool inside but they appears completely welded - only the chrome cap comes off. I looked at replacement...
  7. Motorcycles at the Movies.

    Just watched this ... "A JOURNEY THROUGH THE EYE OF THE RIDER Documentary Feature – 65 minutes A father, his adult son, and two mates head off on a journey to discover the grittiest, most beautiful bush the country has to offer. Yet what they find is something they were not prepared for...
  8. Finally bought a Dremel. Now what?

    Mechanical Advice
    I finally bought a Dremel to cut the chain off my bike before replacing with a new one. While doing this I was amazed how well the small Dremel performed. I started thinking about a Hatton Garden style raid, cutting through a safe full of money but decided thats not really me or appropriate...
  9. Exhaust can for africa twin

    Africa Twin
    hi guys. i have a 1998 africa twin and the original exhaust is leaking so i would like to put a race can on it to hear the proper sound of the v twin. a friend gave me a can off a vfr 400, would it suit as i dont want it to effect its performance. also i need a barrel for one of the front forks...
  10. For Sale: Possibly of interest

    For Sale / Wanted
    Some may be on the look out for half tidy set of panniers I have these for sale Darr Ali panniers There is no key for the locks but can be locked with a padlock. Think they are approx. 40l capacity and were fine for me on my old XT. Only reason Im selling them is I have givi on the Transalp and...
  11. Grecia Salentina 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is a trip that was organized from a moto club here in Greece and a moto club in Italy At the beginning it was about to go about 10 motorbikes from Greece to Italy.Finally 100 motorbikes from all over Greece entered the ferry for Italy. Grecia Salentina is a place in Italy which they were...
  12. Scrramble Amfissa Greece

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A lot of mud and rain Many thanks to the guys from Amfissa and their hospitality
  13. For Sale: motrax Ali fat bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    as per the title £15 posted
  14. New Blog from XRV Meet and Beer and Banger festival

    Hi All what a weekend it was, the weather started off crap but soon turned around, you XRV bunch know how to enjoy yourself, good on you.. Paul and Maria did it again and pulled off a creaking show and food.. as well as there fantastic hospitality. The Beer and Banger Festival was a great hit...
  15. Spare exhibitor pass for BMF Tail End

    I have a spare exhibitor pass for the BMF Tail End and wondered if anyone who was using my the-zebra phone app wanted to come? I'd be looking for someone to watch the stand a bit, give out leaflets and talk to people about the app but there'd be three of us so there'd be plenty of time to see...
  16. Ebay motors

    Just been looking on ebay motors at bikes nothing really catches my eye but i keep noticing most adds are classified so why do nearly all classified adds have "watchers" it's not lke the price is going up it's a set price for the vehicle so why watch it . Are they just time wasters with no cash...
  17. Fuel pump fatality -- with a twist!

    Africa Twin
    So while riding back from Sweden on wednesday the fuel pump on my AT failed, leaving me out in the rain. Well pants, I thought. Since I have a major roundtrip planned for northern Norway in a weeks time I was gripped by sedated panic and almost immediately but in a controlled fashion ordered a...
  18. Elefant and Castle No. 3

    For challenge number three I went to a castle and lined up for the photo shoot, noticed a van heading my way and managed to get a couple of photos then jumped back on and 'made my escape'. The Elefant made short work of the speed bumps on the half mile long drive, leaving the Transit with no...
  19. Shep,s big euro tour 2013

    I am off on the 17th May for 6 weeks, the general plan is Dover to Calais then head for the Czech Republic, into Slovakia and heading for the Ukraine border, into Ukraine and then out towards Lvov, Kiev and Kharkov, into Russia as I want to go to Prokorhiav and the site of the Kursk tank battle...
  20. exhaust cans fmx650 2005

    Dominator / FMX
    exhaust cans fmx650 2005 I have seen these on evilbay will they slip on a Dominator header pipes I have tried to obtain a set of second hand dommie 02 end cans but to no avail originality is not an issue as its only for the summer and some green laneing