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  1. Its alive....

    Dominator / FMX
    I finally got my Flatside sorted and fitted onto my scrambler with the help of Nick from Brummingham ,our resident flatside guru.:thumbup: Now it sounds like a beast that just wants to eat small children and scare old ladies.:D:D:D I havnt been for a test ride yet as the foot pegs are getting...
  2. A Brief History of Mopeds

    Traditional mopeds are a part of motorcycle culture that is fast disappearing, rendered obsolete by changing laws and now kept alive mainly by the hard work of dedicated fans. The term ‘moped’ is now often used interchangeably with sub-50cc scooters, but the true original mopeds were quite...
  3. Its alive

    Dominator / FMX
    I got my Honda coil today and when I fitted it I got a spark. I just need my new needle from my mate in America then I can dial the flatside in and start this bike up. Just in case you forgot what it looks like :D:D:D Three years and alot of dole money in the making.:clown::clown::clown: I...
  4. its alive!!

    Africa Twin
    following on from this thread new CDI from ignitech arrived today plugged it in and ..............:thumbleft::thumbleft::thumbleft::thumbleft::thumbleft: all is good in my RD04 world again, just got to get my reg rec now!!!
  5. Almost 11

    Here I am, alive on an island in the Middlesea. An island, a world, a history of conflict. It's almost eleven a.m.
  6. E Bike crashed-dead? -Whealie

    E Bike site has been down for a week now with only a phone number shown. Replies on ABR suggest the site has been hacked. My bikes still register as insured on the MID site( ) so I assume they still operating. A few bits of the E insurance empire appear to be more...
  7. Wanted: Long shot. Looking for my 1st @t Reg H849 AGU

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all. Just been looking at some old pics of my first Africa Twin I've just found in the back of a cupboard. I sold it to a nice fella called Ben from Bermondsey in south east London around 1997. I was just wondering if she was still alive and if so where she lives now.... RWB. Reg H849 AGU...
  8. The hills are alive with the sound of…Varadero

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Quick trip out yesterday to test the new GoPro and just to give the bike and me an airing:thumbright: Aigen im Ennstal Only 200km, but that was enough for my arse:rolleyes: Whilst i was out'n'about, the phone rang with the good news that my new seat had...
  9. Malaysian Airlines MH370 - Theories?

    It seems to have garnered more news than what's going on in Crimea, I guess because it's a mystery. The worst case scenario does have to be considered, BUT, I'm of the opinion that there is still a glimmer of hope that everyone on that Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 could still be alive. What...
  10. For Sale: The odd Rd07 / Rd 04 parts for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hey chaps, I have a few @T parts over, I beleive they are mostly from a RD07 ... however the coils and shocks RD04 .. sorry I really cant remember or find the advert back relating to the bike they came off.. I live in Belgium and are happy to ship world wide at cost, or pick up.. would...
  11. It's alive!!!!!

    Well having pestered a certain someone on here I have managed to get the bike going,stripped the loom twice and cleaned all connectors and it's fired up, I can't say what was at fault though, but it's running and life's too short to care.. Bring on the winter now, any tips on where's best to get...
  12. Wanted: Honda Dominator wanted Dead or alive!!!!!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a scrappy dommie for my next project anything considered :)
  13. Music lovers rejoice, Space Rock is alive and kicking.

    The spirit of Hawkwind* has been resurrected Maaaan. New album by Hookworms, Pearl Mystic. I heard a song on Radio 6. Took a chance on the album. Droney sounds guitars and the fatlad can sing and scream. Fabulous, play it loud and be killed by your neighbours. Hookworms - 'Preservation' (Live) -...
  14. Flying Audi

    BBC News - Man seriously hurt as crash leaves car embedded in home What is more amazing? That the driver is still alive; the strength of the car body or the weakness of the, presumably, double brick walls - and it seem to be on a corner which ought to have given it a bit more strength, but look...
  15. Elvis is alive in Wales

    In the depot In the Depot - YouTube
  16. This is it, I am going to die ......

    Just arrived home from my commute. Travelled alongvthe A13, in the slow lane for a change cause of the weather. Approached a lorry, heavy traffic next to me and a few cars behind. Suddenly out of nowhere (well the top of the lorry) a massive sheet of ice lifted of the lorry and hit me head on...
  17. Biker found alive after 3 days lying in ditch...

    Motorcyclist found alive after three days in water-filled ditch (From York Press) Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  18. RIP Tia Sharp

    It was very sad news on this case today. RIP Tia Sharp. There is an interview with her step-granddad Stuart Hazell here: Tia Sharp: 'She's not staying away by choice'. Grandmother believes missing schoolgirl has been abducted - Crime - News - Evening Standard Watch the interview and see what...
  19. Need some help, guys ... Bike cuts out when riding

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads, I have a really annoying problem, the bike cuts out when driving, typically above 60km/h ... I then pull the clutch and try to keep the engine alive with a little throttle back and forth, and usually the problem goes away, but returns again shortly after. The other day, it did it...
  20. IKEA rags 19p

    White flannels that Ikea sell for 19p each (in the textiles section). Just bought 80 and they are good for cleaning and polishing duties. I know there are lots of options for rags out there but I find these are great to use. I can only face going in there once every couple of years though go on...