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  1. Bike Show / New Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Well just got back from the bike show at the NEC . Popped over to the Honda stand and asked about the new Africa Twin well the Honda people scattered around the bikes didn't have a clue but one usefull chap point me to a chap behind the Honda PR stand ... He was the uk Tec guy for Honda Uk...
  2. Sold: XRV 750 Africa Twin ( 2003 )

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my 2003 Africa Twin for £3,500 Taxed and Tested. Only 9625 miles, all MOT certificates available. Heated grips, Tank cover, New chain and sprocket. Alley luggage. Bike in overall good condition for age, with scratches on engine case as shown in pics. Starts first time every time...
  3. 1 day after I got my license I traveled europe for 60 days.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Orite, so in december 2008 in I decided to quit my job in Oslo and move back to Sweden and first get my drivers license so I could apply to join the fire service then straight away get my MC license and then go for a biker holiday until the training at the fire fighters academy would begin...
  4. Goodnight Sweetheart.

    Who remembers the tv series ‘Goodnight Sweetheart about the time travelling tv repairman? I was out on site the other day and was close to the Royal Oak pub where they filmed the outside World War 2 shots. Took a few pics to show it really exists. This is the alley at the back of the...
  5. Aluminimum Panniers

    Guys.. has anyone any contacts for anyone who would make these pannier boxes in Alley... as buyin them from Han B are expensive.... cheers something like these...
  6. Don't mean to offend...........but

    Mechanical Advice
    what's the craic with those peaked 'elmets everyone's going on about, is it just a lifestyle/ image thing or are there some actual benefits, I just can't see my neck lasting along "windy alley" on the climb up Thelwall Viaduct :confused:
  7. IPSWICH Dirty Dozen

    Justice...... Whilst at work last night, justice was served on 12 scooter nobs...:D I and my other partner in crime were delivering to a shop in the center of Ipswich. The roads a no entry to motorvehicles, except buses, taxi's and delivery vehicles. I follow my mate down and as i stop he...
  8. Touratech Zega Boxes

    Right , the company i work for has recently aquired a metal fabrication company. I was there today and raised the subject of having Alu` cases made and the Boss assures me they can make "Anything ". So as touratech want silly money for a relatively simple piece of engineering i will get a...
  9. Handlebar width

    Africa Twin
    I would like to reduce the width of my @ handlebars anyone tried this and what do people think would be the min. width you would get away with (i dont ride off road) The reason i want to reduce the width of the bars is to gain access for the bike to my workshop which is only accesable via a...