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  1. Transalp 650 Centre Stand - for sale

    Hope this is allowed and in the right place, if not apologies. I don't think it's original Honda - it says darkojak on a sticker on it. May well fit a 700 as well going by any pictures I've seen. It's a sturdy bit of kit and in great order. Just giving forum members a chance before I stick on...
  2. XL125V rally, A1 11 kW

    Hello, I want to build a rally bike. It shud look something like crf 450 rally or africa twin with hrc colors. I would like a 2 stroke bike, but I'm not allowed to drive more than 11 kW until I'm 18. At first i'm trying to find a good varadero and change the subframe and seat from a motocross...
  3. Fuel cans on a ferry

    I'm off to France and Spain later in the year and I intend to carry a spare fuel can (Fuel Friend 2l) with me for just in case. Looking at some of the ferry websites they seem to state that petrol cans either empty or full are not allowed. I'm sure that a lot on here have gone abroad with spare...
  4. Wanted: RD07 Headlight Cowl Holder

    For Sale / Wanted
    If anyone is breaking a bike or has a spare I could really do with one. as mine is unstraightenable and the poor bike is a bit bong eyed and will probably only be allowed a day time mot, when the time comes. Its the mini subframe that attaches to the main frame and holds the headlight and the...
  5. Wanted: WANTED - Transalp/AT spark plug tool

    For Sale / Wanted
    Recently replaced youngest sons squashed TDM900 with a 650 Deauville, which is minus it's tool kit. The general stuff - spanners, screwdrivers etc, can and have been cobbled together into an ad-hoc tool kit, but the all important Honda spark plug spanner is most defo required - only managed to...
  6. How to make a DIY roadbook

    I might be taking part in an off road (not extreme!) nav challenge wing-ding in a few weeks and gps not allowed. I could just follow my mate juan like i did last time or i could help with the nav. I found an old thread on here about home made roadbooks but wondered if the diy technology has...
  7. Transalp 600 Givi Pannier Racks and Givi Engine Crash Bars

    If you don't frequent the sales forum... I'm selling mine.. See here: (I'm not sure if this post here is allowed so moderators - feel free to delete)
  8. An I allowed......

    Varadero here :cool: Phil sent from my 'phone
  9. BSB @ Brands Hatch - Easter Weekend.

    Just got a pass to go and see the BSB at Brands, was even allowed to get a weekend ticket !:toothy10:...anyone else going ? Be good to meet up for a chat if you are...Cheers
  10. Well it has to go, time for someone else to enjoy it

    Africa Twin
    Well recently things have changed. My AT is not getting used and probably won’t get used in the future, so it has to go. Growing old eh ....what a bummer :( It’s going on eBay shortly It’s a good looking bike with all the trimmings and it’ll be interesting to see what it goes for. I’m...
  11. Porn - shouldn't be allowed

    Tribute to Paris Dakar Rally - YouTube (Stick with it, the Hondas and Yamahas are in there, plus some gorgeous-looking Suzukis!)
  12. Classic Bike show and auto jumble

    For those that are interested, Classic Bike Show with Auto-jumble, club stands and concours competition. At the Friars, Aylesford Kent ME20 7BX (close to Maidstone). They have 400 bikes booked in for this event. Club run on Saterday, then open to the public Sunday from 9am. Adults £5 children...
  13. Man up again !

    Went into hospital Wednesday, got the op yesterday and was allowed home today! Seems I had two types of cancer in the bladder. Both removed and sent for biopsy. I have to say that I feel a hundred times better than the last bout 11 weeks ago. Must be the sunshine! Nice to be home and...
  14. Brave man - or nutcase, literally

    I never cease to be amazed at some of the things i read in papers, i know the majority is tripe and rubbish created to boost sale's but this is true and bewildering. The question is should people with mental health be allowed out of secure wards? especially if they are a danger to themselves or...
  15. Austrian Alps in a day

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well some of them anyway;) Not sure I'm allowed to post here any more being as I ride my RT instead of my 'Twin, but feel free to kick me out:lol: Anywaaaay, the Föhn is blowing which means no flying, but good vis and dry air...perfect weather for a ride out :thumbright:
  16. Thatcher moaners...

    How many more muppets on Facebook are going to state that anyone who wasn’t born, or was kid at the time of Thatcher, doesn’t, or shouldn’t have an opinion on her? Did her legacy simply stop the moment she ceased to be PM? I think not… I’ll be forever grateful to Churchill and the men and...
  17. With the Dakar in full swing, Budapest Bamako 'Rally'

    Well, thought I'd put this in here not Racing, as more folks should see it! I'm off on a bike in 2014, just wondering if anyone's done it, and could give a few pointers! It's been a dream of mine since 2006, life has finally allowed me to bash it hard enough...
  18. Should umbrella users be treated like bikers?

    After trying to walk in London in the rain yesterday I propose a new legislative programme: Nobody be allowed an umbrella without first taking a theory and practical test. All newly qualified umbrella users to have the size of their umbrella restricted for the first two years. Anyone accused...
  19. Wasserkuppe

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A day out in lovely autumn sunshine yesterday...20deg C:thumbright: For those of you that don't know the Wasserkuppe, it's a 1000m high mountain in the Rhön area of Germany. It became (in)famous as the home of German gliding between the wars. As the Luftwaffe weren't allowed to have powered...
  20. Looking for forest type roads in Austria

    Hi List, I hope I am posting this in the right goes. I am living in Burghausen, Germany, due east of Munich on the German/Austrian border. I really like riding (my Transalp) through woods and forests. Dirt roads are fine but the Transalp is no dirt bike:) I was hoping someone...