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  1. Transalp
    Hello, newbie on here. Just bought 700 transalp,2010 model. Its got a Puig extended screen with adjustable alloy brackets. I want a standard screen . So anyone got standard screen to sell or swap ?? Cheers. Dave
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi there, Well its winter again here in northern Germany. Bloody freezing and damp. I have a choice of parking my pristine AT in a damp garage, which I air as much as possible, or under a car port where it will stay dry with no problem with air flow. The bike gets a coating of moisture in the...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I would like to customise my FX650 and wonder if anyone has fitted alloy 3 spoke wheels [like those on a Suzuki GS500] to their Honda. If this is a doable how complex is it or is there an easy way of fitting wheels from another bike which need little modification. Any photos would be helpful.
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a rear wheel for my 1996 rd07 africa twin......its an alloy wheel with spokes mine is rotting near the tube hole .... Cash waiting.....thanks for looking...kevsky.. I live in the north east of england..
  5. Africa Twin
    hi,gathering information on wheels,new rims needed soon,specially front. im simply not going to be paying hundreds n hundreds for an alloy rim this time round,they appear to be having a laugh imo,so ive been looking at steel rims and wonder if theres a uk supplier who would have the right sizes...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Some of the alloy is lifting between a couple of spokes. Don't know if this can be mended ? If not, then I need a better wheel but cannot afford a brand new one. Has anyone got one I could buy ? Tim.
  7. Africa Twin
    I recently bought a set of secondhand GIVI Outback pannier frames that were in a poor state due to off-road use. So I stripped the powdercoating and got them re-coated in a bright silver (work done by Micro Fusion in Bedford) The alloy catches at the top were restored with alloy wheel paint and...
  8. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale - 2000 Model NX650 Dominator - Recently re-commissioned with new gel battery, Rear Shock, Front & Rear Brakes serviced with new braided lines, and pads - Continental Twinduro Tyres, and Arrow alloy rear tailpipe - Datatagged - Fully serviced and ready to go - £1500.00 O.N.O.................
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    My rear wheel rim looks like the alloy is lifting between some spokes in two places. Think it might be stuffed !! So I need a rear wheel, or as I have posted on the wheels + tyres forum, does a Transalp rear wheel fit ?
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Very reluctant sale of my absolutely mint and umarked condition 1994 AT for sale. In original condition. I have added alloy choke guides( i still have the originals). Everything else as new. She has only 9500 miles on the clock. Must be the most original and immaculate AT in the country. I...
  11. Transalp
    Thought I should stop lurking here. Hello. It was once a 1987 Transalp. I bought it off a mate. He had it modified. Then I put my hand to it. I like to fiddle and change things. So one day to the next the bike can be changed. What it looked like when I bought it. I have had to...
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi fellow bikers I am searching for a rear wheel for my rdo7 1998 model. Nothing on EBAY or where in the uk can repair a wheel as the alloy is coming away from the rim.?
  13. Africa Twin
    Hello My AT is really in need of the rads replacing. I see replacements are readily available on ebay these days. Has anyone bought a set, or knows of a set been fitted. at a RD07 If so what are they like.
  14. XR
    Hi I have recently bought a low miles XR which came with a DEP alloy can Bike performs well & jetting seems ok for it However it is noisier - but not so bad I also got the standard can too (heavy) Do they run better & quieter with stock can?
  15. Transalp
    Hi, I thought I'd be proper about putting my handlebars back on and tourque them to the correct setting. 26Nm according to the haynes manual. Before I got there, feeling a bit strange this, the bolt snapped off in the socket! Fortunately I was easily able to get the 50% of the bolt in the...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    I have just sold my CRF and have available FMF Q4 slip on exhaust ( no header) - used for 75 miles only , as new and unmarked ,comes with original packaging and invoice for £249 . Will accept £185 for quick sale .. Really improves the bike AXP full wraparound sump guard , cost new £120 will...
  17. XL
    Hi everyone , I just bought a new rear rim for my TL125 restoration only thing is it is in polished alloy instead of satin silver anodised as the original,does anyone know of a good plater that can do this ,?any advice would be welcome ,thanks regards Steve.
  18. For Sale / Wanted
    I know there's virtually no chance of finding one of these but anyone?? Touratech solo seat with rack. Also steel rear rack (instead of the bloody plastic thing)with alloy plate?? Cheers..
  19. Bodgers Corner
    Just a little picture presentation on how I turned a cardboard cut-out sump guard for my 650 Transalp into a metal version . . . . . . As many on here already know, I'm a bit of a metal bending weirdo! So, seeing as I had a fairly large bit of alloy lying about :rolleyes: :D :thumbup:, I...
  20. Africa Twin
    hi lads got a leak on the water pump casing and what i need to no is if i take the water pump off do i need to drain the oil and is it a hard job to do.... also could the casing be alloy welded along the hairline crack... or has anyone got a quick guide in stages to taking the water pump off...
1-20 of 61 Results