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  1. Transalp 600 shock absorber options

    Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick forum search didn't reveal much. I've got a TA600 which I use mainly for trail riding and the standard shock wore out - damping gone. I've been trying to find a decent secondhand one but of the 2 or 3 I've tried most have little to no...
  2. Dommie Vs XT600 as general purpose allrounder ..anyone owned both?

    Dominator / FMX
    Got a very nice dommie and I love it but occasionally I'll pull off the road and do a few green lanes and the worry of dropping her is always with me . Yes I could remove the plastic etc but keep thinking about getting something else that's similar but a bit more crash resistant . Don't want...
  3. Tiger 800xc test ride

    Test Ride Reports
    A good friend recently traded his (55 reg) 650 Alp for a Tigger. Tonight, I took it out for a spin ;-) ...... 1st impressions; the engine is sweet & soooo smooth with nice, strong linear performance from pretty much tickover. Once up to speed you notice how poor the standard screen is with...
  4. touring screen

    looking for a touring screen for my 94 transalp,as there are a few out there whats the best allrounder:thumbleft:
  5. Transalp speed trap in Warwickshire

    I've been meaning to post this one for a while, seeing the French speed thread reminded me. On my travels around Warwickshire (in a 3.5t van) i have seen on numerous occasions what looks like a Transalp operated by a bike cop with the "raygun" speed trap, usually in the 30mph villages. Never...
  6. XR 400 Tyres?

    Might be a thread on this already but thought id start a fresh one as tyres seem to change all the time, what tyres are you using on your xr's and what do you think off them. What do you recon is the best. Off roading/road legal tyres very minimal road use but still need to be legal, off...
  7. Good By Vara, Good Bye.

    Sold the Vara yesterday due to it not getting used enough and the wife losing all interest in bikes. Really sad to see it go as it is without doubt the best allrounder I've had. It's horrible to see an empty garage now but not as bad seeing a bike not being used. Don't know what I'm getting next...
  8. NEC verdict

    Now I've seen em in the flesh ladies and gents here are my thoughts: The Yamaha Tenere looks great and with that tank and fairing, a true allrounder. Only time will tell with the finish. Those nice looking panniers and top box in the pictures are very flimsy. The Yamaha man said list is 5 and a...