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  1. Africa Twin Thought I would post this as there is a very interesting use of the front end of an RD04 :happy6:
  2. Great Roads/Routes
    Anyone from this Parish driven that route? Ligurische GrenzKammStrasse. Map: Pictures...
  3. Varadero
    Has anyone made one of these devices? The Alpentourer - Possi's electronic motorbike fuel meter installed at a Honda Varadero Doesn't look too hard to make. Looks interesting - why did Honda not see fit to put a fuel gauge on the Vara ???!?!?!!
  4. Travel
    I'm off to Friaul (North of Italy) sometime in early June, once the snow has melted and off to the See Alpen "Ligurischen Grenzkammstraße" Which is the old military control road boardering France and Italy. Over 90 Km long at over 2000meters. This is a Germany web site, but its the best I have...
1-4 of 4 Results