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  1. DIY ALU Panniers and Top Box

    Africa Twin
    Well,I just turned 40 and went out and bought myself a TIG Welder in Fairyhouse Market as a present to myself today. This will be the thread for my build. I've never welded before, so this is gonna be a steep learning curve. Thought I'd start the thread by hopefully giving you all a bit of a...
  2. For Sale: Africa Twin alu radiator grills + brackets for secondary cooling fan

    For Sale / Wanted
    The parts will fit RD03. RD04 and RD07/a radiators. Protect your radiator with these lightweight anodized aluminum grills. You can transfer the rubber flaps from your old grills. Basic kit (without side baffles that keep air from escaping thru the sides). $60.00cad + shipping Kit with...
  3. Advice and options on exhaust for XL600V. Pics and price inside!

    Been lookin around for a new exhaust for my 96 XL600v and so fare I am down to these options.( I guess these will fit all 600 from 87 and up) The Fuel Diablo S\S at 215£ Transalp XL600V Exhaust Diablo Brushed s s Oval UK Road Legal Carbon Outlet | eBay The Dominator S\S at 199£ Dominator...
  4. For Sale: NOMAD GEAR ToolBag Pack+

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there! Just launched a startup company in Poland and spreading the news. We produce awesome toolbags for motorbikes / quads / 4x4s. In the future we will also offer other gear for sale. Here are the details: Pricing as for today is PLN 149 (i.e. EUR 40, USD 38, GBP 27) plus shipment costs...
  5. For Sale: Several OEM, Power Parts and Aftermarkets for KTM LC8 ADV

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, 950-990 ADV KTM Power Parts/Touratech Panniers Frame/Holder in very good used condition. It comes with upgraded screws. It suits all Touratech-Zega alu panniers, Hepco-Bakers Gobi panniers and KTM Power Parts alu and Gobi panniers. £ 130.00 plus shipping. 950-990...
  6. heavy duties panniers

    thinking off getting some alu panniers been looking at the company heavy duties they seem very cheap for very good looking boxes any one had any dealings with them ?
  7. For Sale: WP4357 complete suspension

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have for sale a WP4357 suspension in very good condition, I used those forks on a KLE500 USD conversion, but I am selling the bike so I am parting out the forks and triples. I can also split in into forks and triples separately. Suspension: WP4357 fully addjustable, 14 click on rebound and...
  8. 650 v6 Side Step Brackets refurb

    Hello everyone, I am considering cleaning up the Alu side brackets that the foot rests and pillion foot rests are on as its getting a bit corroded. Now i can see a bolt at the bottom of the brackets, but is there any other bolts as there is nothing in the Haynes manual although i am thinking...
  9. XRV750 long trip 2 up

    Africa Twin
    Anyone done a long trip 2 up on an AT? We're planning a big trip in Oct 14. Option 1 ship to Australia and ride back to UK or option 2 ship to S. America. We'd be really grateful to hear your experiences and tips. Did you find the bike reliable and suitable? Any specific mods? Our RD07A has...
  10. Can it be done - MSX125 all the way to the Nordkapp?

    hi all, I am currently considering where to take the little MSX Grom on an adventure for my upcoming 40th B-day next year and one idea keeps on coming back to me. I always have this magical draw towards the Nordkapp, Top of Norway and I think the litte bike is the perfect tool to do this...
  11. BUMOT Luggage

    Could be worth investigating if one is in the market for some alu panniers. Link to BUMOT Web page: Home And some pictures from ADV Rider: BUMOT luggage system for BMW F800GS - ADVrider
  12. Top Box Metal Rack

    Thinking of adding one of these onto my top box.....anyone using something like this at all..? Any good...? Ideally I would like to upgrade to an alu box but they seem to be fairly expensive. I would strap the tent on it safe? Thanks again for tips and advice.... E107 Top Case...
  13. Project pannier build.

    Bodgers Corner
    I know, another pannier build. :rolleyes: But these are different.............................. THEY'RE MINE. ;) Well folks, I have been planning to make some alu boxes for the twin for some time now. I was very impressed with some of the homemade ones I have seen around and they were near...
  14. anyone fabricated a Alu skid pan for a 650

    been looking at replacing the plastic one on the 650, i know someone who welds aluminium and he said he could do one if he has a plan to work to. not being Norman foster,has anyone done this and would be willing share the plans (beer tokens available!)
  15. Hepco Panniers and Fivestar racks.

    Africa Twin
    I got a great deal on a set of Hepco alu panniers and a topbox. Problem is that it came with rack for a TransAlp 700. I have five star racks and I know there are in certain circumstances, kits available to make the 2 compatible. I checked the price on the Hepco racks locally and nearly fell on...
  16. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pics here[email protected]/8029843114/in/set-72157631635918390/ Reluctantly decided to let my beloved AT go. It's a V reg, in classic white with red decals in standard paint etc as it left the factory. It had one previous owner before me who bought it new from his local...
  17. Alu-flex.....custom made aluminium panniers

    Product Reviews
    When I decieded to change plastic panniers with aluminium ones I did a lot of research and found this ones ALU-FLEX. I received them last week and now they are already fitted on my bike, must say.......very good quality for reasonable price and they are custom made. You yust telll them what...
  18. MyTech alu panniers

    These were new to me. Never seen or heard of them before. Bmw f 800 gs | Search | MyTech Accessories and for the RD07 Honda africa twin nxr 750 rd07/rd07a | Search | MyTech Accessories /Kjell
  19. Bling F800GS SM

    I was looking for some decent and not over expensive alu panniers when I stumbled upon this... But I guess I will be better of with sticking to my plan of getting alu panniers! ;)