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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Has anyone found a replacement for the Stanley 12v 21/5v (#34906-MBB-611) tail light bulb? I've been searching Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Google with no luck. You can find single filament bulb replacements but the two filaments don't seem to exist. Thanks- Harry
  2. Varadero
    Hi folks any recommendations on a bike jack ? I have an aba stand that I can fiddle to fit the dareo and the tranny but would like something that I can use on a whim Seen a few on amazon but some look like mechano Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Hola, A friend of mine, based in Lithuania, has a line on steel cables that can be used to secure items to bikes. As far as I know, thickness can be 2, 3 4 or 6mm (possibly also other thicknesses) and the length is customisable. There'd be a loop at either end and it'd be shrouded in 2mm...
  4. Transalp
    Evening Guys. Has anyone found a good match for frame paint. I think it's called "Muscular Grey Metallic". It's basically a dark metallic grey. I've found some on Amazon but it's £30 for 1 can of paint & 1 can of lacquer.
  5. XL
    I think it's an XL Taken from this: Not!: Not the nine o'clock news: 9780907812654: Books
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi All I use a non-Givi topbox with a Givi Monokey plate on a CB1300...... cheap as chips on eBay and serves me well Want to use the same box on my Africa and wondered if anybody had used one of these? Presume...
  7. XRV Swap Shop
    Afternoon All, I've got one of these in the garage doing nothing. It's had very little use due to the fact that if it didn't start first pull it used to foul the plug then was a complete arse to get going I''ve...
  8. Chatter
    A Proud Father writes; My Son and his West Cork Chums ... The TreeSleepers - Say Yes To Everything - Genre: Rock/Funk/Ska with a dash of gypsy. Rotten Roll. This is West Cork HomeBrew and it's Music for Dancing! - TreeSleepers' Home page -...
  9. Africa Twin
    V-Twin engine model from Haynes: Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine: Toys & Games Might get one :)
  10. Africa Twin Seeing as I'm new to all this in looking forward to this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi to all and best greetings from Athens, Greece. Please, be patient with my poor English. I own an AT XRV 650 and recently I've bought Wiseco K696 kit from Amazon at a nice price. This kit is originally made for NT 650 GT Hawk which shares the same engine with AT XRV 650. By increasing...
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    HAWK spotlight bracket, black, Honda Africa Twin I used them for two rides and then sold the AT so in very good condition. I mounted the CREE spotlights from e bay as and they worked a treat. £35 inc postage for the...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    I've heard some good things about this essence ;) 17 quid a throw from Amazon dot co dot UK, but I read that it's best placed in the kitchen sink, in warm water for a bit, to thin it out before applying? Any tips appreciated, thanks :)
  14. Chatter
    Any one used them? Been out of the loop too long as I'd never heard of them. Saw a fb like me link and warning bells started to ring, thought it was a scam. On searching further found a few firms that sell them, ie Amazon. Any tried them? Found vie patch on Amazon which apply to the skin like...
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Any engineer or mechanics out there? I have a Mitutoyo 500 digital caliper for sale. It is as new, in the original packaging still and only been used once or twice. They go for around £75 on Amazon, but don't mistake it for the cheap draper type, this is real quality. £45 plus £5 for...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got one they want to sell, if so PM me Cheers Mike Something like this Vango Adventure Tarp- Treetops-2012 Model: Sports & Outdoors
  17. Chatter
    I have been thinking of buying a satnav for a while. I Had to go London today with a mate and used his satnav in the car. Now I am sold on the idea. I looked on Amazon and prices are way below what I expected, I am not minted but I can go up to about £100. What can anybody reccomend, it will be...
  18. Chatter
    I'm looking to get an engine hoist, and I wondered if anyone had any experience with them, or comments on these 2 candidates - Wolf 1 Ton 1 Tonne Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane/Hoist:
1-18 of 30 Results