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  1. Africa Twin RD03 Conversion Value

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I am in the middle of converting my US-spec Transalp to an Africa Twin RD03. The frame and most parts carry over to both models. I am using all original Africa Twin parts when possible and upgrade parts elsewhere. All parts are being powder coated or refurbished. In the end...
  2. For Sale: Africa twin RD07/RD07a Corbin seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD The only reason this is for sale I am selling my Africa Twin RD07a and keeping my RD03. Having been able to try different seats this is has been the most comfortable by far. These are around £600 now to import from America or Europe and rarely come up for sale. The advantage of this...
  3. Wanted: Looking for a place who does the "water dip" film process

    For Sale / Wanted
    Greetings! I have a '04TA and I would like to get a "Kevlar" film applied to the plastic "dashboard" piece (Honda calls it a Cowl). Does anyone know of a place that does the "hydrodip" process? I am an American living in Turkey and there just aren't many options or places here for custom work...
  4. AT with Ural fitted

    Africa Twin
    Some folks may be interested to see the Ural chair which has recently been fitted to my trusty @, supplied & fitted by sidecar specialist Watsonian who fabricated a bespoke sub-frame which connects the Ural chassis to the bike's frame. Watsonian gave me some good tuition before we rode the 200...
  5. What would you do?

    I need some serious advice from you guys. My dear old 84 year old mum "oop north"called me today and offered me some money.:blob7::blob7::blob7: She is worried about some dementia tax that might come into force next week after the election and is worried about her nest egg.:(:(:( What bike would...
  6. XRV 650 Wheel Rims - DOT code

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Hope everyone is well, I'm looking to get a spare set of rims for my RD03 so I could have a set with 80/20 tires and a set of full knobbly tires on. Could anyone help decode the stamping on the rim: "J 21x1.85 3 88 DOT" So the 21x1.85 is easy enough, what does the J and 3 88 DOT...
  7. tools for free camping

    This seems to be a nice tool to find campsites for free. At least in North America there are plenty of them listed. For the rest of the world it´s terra incognita more or less. Check out this one, too: You have to flag "informal campsites"...
  8. Shipping Car From Germany

    Hi everybody. i'm moving out of the country for a short while and that i wish to require my cars with American state. They are 1. 2000 Toyota above atomic number 11 with greedy exhaust 2. 1975 VW minibus I am curious to understand, however am i able to check if my above can pass their...
  9. Its alive

    Dominator / FMX
    I got my Honda coil today and when I fitted it I got a spark. I just need my new needle from my mate in America then I can dial the flatside in and start this bike up. Just in case you forgot what it looks like :D:D:D Three years and alot of dole money in the making.:clown::clown::clown: I...
  10. Electrics maintenance RD04

    Africa Twin
    My new Mosfet arrived from the states today. OEM's working fine but will keep as a spare now. Been looking through the posts regarding this unit for some easy to explain pictures of the unit fitted but only come up with wiring diagrams which look to be fairly straight forward. Whilst I'm...
  11. website

    Found this website whilst trawling the net at work- It's American, but there is a load of interesting stuff on it. They even stock a few bits for the Dero, including screens of various sizes.
  12. Newbie with cheap Dominator.

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I think I have been very lucky in purchasing a 98 (I think) registered on a 'Y' plate Dominator from and American friend at work for 310 notes :o Bike has MOT and Tax till May 2015 with 19k on the clock. I will be riding it through the winter to work, only 10 miles and then plan to...
  13. through south america

    Hi Folks Looking to start planning for the trip of a lifetime. Has anyone got pointers toward recommended reading/reference material or other websites where I can begin to plan/research for this trip. Have no dates for departure or time scales penciled in. This thread is a starting point for...
  14. xr 500 twinshock

    evening all just picked up new project ,a 1979 xr 500 all original apart from rear light. american import.was sold as a non runner but fresh fuel and plug fitted she fired up 2nd kick,with no smoke or rattles,some parts look like new paid £999 and will spend another 500 quid on light restoration...
  15. Honda NX400 Falcon

    This is South American version of the XR400, detuned slightly for longer life and service intervals, lower and far more comfortable for road work. Also has a stronger rear subframe for load carrying. (me?) I love the comment I read where it was described as an ideal 3rd World bike, robust and...
  16. Sweet, swift justice!!

    I couldn't help but smile :grin: What a fair cop... we could do with him in the UK please!! BBC News - Motorbike robbery at gunpoint caught on camera
  17. The Daft Yanks are at it again

    Be intersting to see who gets blammed for it this time, or what type of music or what video game he / she was playing at the time. Why do the let americans loose with weapons, it like asking McDonalds to look after your cow you know it's not going to end well. I'd like to know the full story...
  18. Brighton and Duxford

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    On the 15th Sept it's the Ace Café Brighton run, any body in the Tunbridge Wells area fancy this, how about meet up West station (Sainsbugs) 9 ish and ride down or what ever suits. Haven't been to Duxford for yonks, they were building the American building last time I went, any which, I'm...
  19. Crf250l silencer

    CRF - New Forum!
    Had my bike for a couple of months now and time to get an aftermarket silencer. Anyone on here got one and if so, where from? I have thought about importing from America, but what additional charges are there? Anyone like to comment? Many thanks John