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  1. Transalp
    Will I regret installing it? I'm using a Samsung galaxy S4 mini. is it truly useful? Some apps I've installed certainly haven't been.
  2. Accessories
    HI Has anyone used this on their android phone? Seems fairly usable with downloadable free maps of most parts where we would like to go. Graeme
  3. Product Reviews
    Just thought I'd post up a small review of the Sena SMH10 intercoms I've recently bought you can buy the units either singly or as a twin pack, I bought two single units as they were on offer and the supplier had sold out of twin packs. Helmet Fitting, the kit comes supplied with a choice...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my Zumo 550, bought it new in 08, maps are out of date but it hasn't made enough of a difference to me to update them. I use it mainly in the car but having just got an iPhone (work mobile) and already owning an android phone it seems daft to have so many sat nav devices. It comes with...
  5. Chatter
    Anyone know of an Android app that will disable the slider for answering calls and enable a button – I do not mean a screen button (there are loads of apps that do that) but a proper physical button on the keypad? I want to answer wearing bike gloves.
  6. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, Just joined the forum. I live in Bristol and currently own an 08 vara 125. Looking to pass my test and get and older transalp before summer to do some touring! Looking forward to discussing transalp and vara stuff with people here. Peace. Sent from a Google Android phone
  7. Competitions / Trials
    Info at iPhone Apps - Personal Dakar Rally 2011 | Apptism The android one seems to be in Spanish and is giving odd error messages. Once it's more usable I'll download again
  8. Chatter
    Which ones best then? I actually fancy a smartphone mainly for apps. I've looked at those 7inch tablets and they are too big as I need something pocketable. I like the apple interface but I'm not convinced I want to buy in to the apple thing with all the app restrictions and initial purchase...