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  1. FrankenLM re-animated

    Hello everyone, I haven’t posted much on here before but here goes….. It’s freezing outside, but today’s the day that a faithful but much neglected LM gets the attention it deserves (but probably doesn’t want). It’s gradually disintegrated over the last six years that I’ve had it due to it’s...
  2. Is this for real?

    Does anyone know if this is for real, and would really work. I was a bit doubtful myself (surely they couldn't have that much power or they'd knock you over?), but when I see the old guy lifting his feet up to let him past, it looks real? And I know hoses can be very powerful but you can still...
  3. the weather

    I've just metchecked my area for next week and i think that they may have a software error Wed 16 DecMorning3 °c0 °c01013 mb0.6 mm100 %9 mphIn DetailAfternoon4 °c-1 °c01013 mb0.8 mm96 %10 mphEvening0 °c-12 °c01019 mb0.3 mm70 %99 mph Thu 17 DecMorning-1 °c-14 °c01024 mb0.4 mm97 %146 mphIn...
  4. HTML / Java / Web Gurus

    Spent HOURS last night trying to drop some code into the Longest Day website to create a "slideshow" image...or even a random image each time the page is refreshed/revisited...but I cant do it! Is there anyone out there who has the skills? I need it to be Java or plain old html as I don't want...