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  1. Subscription annually?

    Hi all, just a quick query! I thought that when I paid my first subscription last year it was for life and not an annual renewal. Am I correct in thinking this and it has now changed or has the cider and hard living finally caught up with me and I am disillusioned and getting confused with...
  2. Gore v WP Lining

    Love my 2 season/summer jacket with its inner WP lining, dont mind hanging the jacket up at work to dry and I dont feel any dampness or moisture at the end of the day even if it was soaked through, just the innerside is maybe cooler due to previous wet outer. I have a really expensive Spidi...
  3. Carole Nash boss walks to North Pole

    David Newman, boss of Britain’s biggest biker insurance broker, Altrincham-based Carole Nash is to trek 110Km across Arctic Ocean Ice to the North Pole to raise cash for Charley Boorman-backed charity Riders for Health. Riders For Health helps health workers in Africa have effective...

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just ordered a few bits from these people and got them next day. I wanted a choke cable, and while I was at it I got a brake and clutch lever to keep under the seat. The choke cable looks fine. The finish isn't brilliant, but it should certainly do the job and at their...