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  1. Something to brighten a dull Saturday.

    I defy you not to laugh at this guys antics. Tigerman 2 - YouTube Andy.
  2. Whealie's bedroom antics!!

    It looks like some very strange things happen in the Wheal bedroom!! Cezar | Facebook
  3. Touring in Sri Lanka. Feb/Mar 2011

    As part of a three week holiday in Sri Lanka I booked a Dominator for an 11 day tour of southern beaches and the hill country. The bike was rented from Sha Lanka bike hire in Negombo for $30 per day (plus $200 deposit). I arranged for them to deliver it to our base - the Norlanka guesthouse in...
  4. Kriega tail packs as panniers and a rather interesting bike club

    now I have donated my TA's panniers to fit my wife's 700 I was thinking about some soft luggage for it instead. After looking at a Kriega US20 tail pack I wondered if it could be adapted to fit on a pannier loop - so I asked Kriega the question. I got the following reply: Hi Austin, Sorry...
  5. Show us [email protected] accessory

    I'm tired of this site. Tired of the volumes of useful information. Tired of the helpful input. Tired of the smart tips, riding antics and well turned out bikes. So, I've taken it upon myself increase the Utter B****cks Quotient of XVR with a challenge to you all. I want you to find and...
  6. for my next trick... Aquaplaning!

    wasn't sure where to post this really, but I guess, as it's simply anecdotal, chatter is probably the best place... YouTube - HIDROPLANING A MAS DE 140 KM/H miramar argentina I shall be expecting to see similar antics from the next members ride reports involving fords...:thumbright:
  7. I want to get dirty

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Where to start? Oh yes, the phone call last night . . . . . Ring ring . . . . . . Ring ring . . . . . Me - "Hello" Caller (in a husky, 50 fags a day type voice) - "I want to get dirty" Me - "Sorry???? :confused:" Caller (still in a husky, 50 fags a day type voice) - "I want to get...
  8. Adventures on the Isle of Mull

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Note: Sorry could not make the National this year but for personal reasons, I had to stay fairly close to home.. maybe next year .. :thumbleft: Advertures on the Isle of Mull .. So my Adventure Started on Thursday Morning , leaving first thing , head down to Aberfeldly , heading west from...
  9. To break or not to break

    Africa Twin
    Sadly Im thinking of saying good bye to my 1993 AT :( as I spend more and more time on my xr and hard off roading and the AT just isnt getting out as she should. My dilema is this :- I live in france and paid over 3000 euros for it a couple of years back from a dealer. Since then because of my...
  10. Nitro Circus

    Yeah I know loads of you have already come across this program but for those that havnt its a must see, no really it is. Its on MTV Shows on sky, channel 601 I think on the entertainment section not music. Any how its got Good ol' Travis Pastranna and a few of his mates hooning around doing daft...
  11. Ello there..!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi folks, Interesting hearing about all your bikes and antics! Just got hold of an old XL250R for fettling. Thought it might be fun! I'll let you know what happens. Cheers :thumbright:
  12. For Sale: Bullet Cam/Helmet Cam SONY CAMCORDER

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there. Here is my last camcorder for sale- This is the camcorder that allows bullet cameras/helmet cameras to be plugged in and record your bedroom and motorbike antics. If you have any questions ..please contact me and I will do my best to help . 01904 750676- Sony Camcorder mini DV...
  13. compact camera - advice please

    my wife would like a compact camera for her upcoming birthday. I know nothing about cameras so advice gratefully received - but keep it simple. What should I be looking for in terms of features and stuff or is it you get what you pay for? I know she will want a zoom feature and it all has to...
  14. Hi All! Newb here....

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    ..looking for a new bike...... for a new challenge :thumbup: I'm Sam, I like riding anything (:rolleyes:) but especially my GSXR 750, KTM EXC250 and KTM SMR450. I race a bit of H&H and Supermoto, and enjoy generally getting all over the place on 2 wheels. A new challenge of Leeds to...
  15. Billy

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I thought i'd posted this once but I can't find itnow..., if i'm being stoopid then I'm sure someone will tell me...:thumbup: Billy was the son of a mate, member of the french bike forum who died from mucoviscidosis (sp?) 4 years ago...
  16. blue man group !!!

    tickets for this was one of my birthday pressies:cool: ive just got to say if you get a chance to see this GO!!!!!! its bloody fantastic so much fun , great music , and the antics they get up to will have you wetting your self im still grinning now:D :D :D :D :D the outlaws had the...
  17. Stop Ronaldo

    Probably way out of order but what the heck :twisted: There is a very real danger that Cristiano Ronaldo will be voted the fans' best young player at the World Cup despite his pouting, diving, pretty boy antics designed mainly to get himself a lucrative transfer to Real Madrid and thus avoid...