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  1. Transalp
    Hi There, I have a 1997 Transalp XL600V. Its my first venture into the world of bikes and I am loving it so far. Simple question (I hope!). Which type of coolant should I use in the bike? OAT Antifreeze or Silicate Antifreeze? Does it matter? If so why does it matter? Thanks in advance! Paul
  2. Transalp
    What type of coolant are you using, I don't know whether to use ethylene glycol silicate based or the later type O.A.T (organic antifreeze technology) does not contain silicate. Im'e not bothered about the antifreeze aspect as the bike (650) never sees frost but wondering about the...
  3. Transalp
    The manual says I need "High quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containingsilicate-free corrosion inhibitors" for my XL700. Can anyone recommend one that fits the bill as I can't seem to tell whether or not they contain silicates. Also, I'm buggered if I can see the max/min marks on the...
  4. Transalp
    Hi guys.. does anyone know either the Honda part number ..cant find it on the fische? of the drain bolt washer that needs replacing at antifreeze change time...the brass one.. rather have a couple to hand rather than have to find one.. cheers..
  5. Africa Twin
    Ok, so call me a worrier ... Tomorrow I'm going to flush the cooling system and stick in this AF liquid I bought today. Now, things down here can be somewhat dodgy ... Like they forgot the 'o' in 'overheating' ... and the store struggled to find 3 bottles that hadn't been opened. Does the...
  6. Africa Twin
    Time to refresh the antifreeze ready for the cold, hard winter ahead(fingers crossed!). I`m new to the @ and don`t have a manual, just got a couple of Q`s: What is the overall capacity for the coolant? (I`m using premixed stuff so don`t want to get far too much/too little) Are there any...
  7. Africa Twin
    hi dudes, i gotta drain my at down due to a busted jubilee clip on the lower rad pipe. am i right in thinking it has to be methonol free antifreeze. my mates mate did his coolant and 2weeks later his bike had left a puddle all over his garage floor cuz he used the wrong stuff...
  8. Africa Twin
    Just a thought Will i need anti-freeze in my @? She lives outdoors not covered and i use her everyday should i put some anti-freeze in or not bother? p.s. 666 :lol: the dark lord is with you :lol:
  9. Africa Twin
    With the arrival of end the summer and the begining of a new glacier period I have some questions concerning new coolant. :? 1 : What is the importance of using distilled water rather than tapwater ? 2 : Is there a better alternative to the 50/50 solution, I would presume it would depend on...
1-9 of 10 Results