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  1. Anubis is Dead!!!!! Help

    Africa Twin
    Okay.. Thge good woman Finally got all here gear yesterday. and this AM was such a nice sunny day we decided to go for a ride. I went out fire Anubis up, he ran for 1-3 min.. and just as i got my helmet on he dies.. I was able to get him to turn over and run for 10 -15 secs for a while then...
  2. Anubis Rises Again (well half way there anyway)

    Africa Twin
    Hey all, I have just finished the first bit of the Resurrection of Anubis. :D :D , I have a lot more to do and was not going to show it until he is done .. but hey I am not a patient man! :roll: I have added, a honda OEM centre stand, and BSM titanium end can, powder coated bash plate...