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  1. Thetford safari 2014 sign up thread

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Signing up Hello and welcome to the annual ATR Thetford Safari; starting with the important formalities which follows the usual MO, anyone who would like to attend please add their name to the list below indicating how many people will be attending, eg:- MrX +1 = 2 people, plus whether they'd...
  2. Peak district rough roads - XRV

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Been busy for what seems like an eternity so a day in the Peak District in 21°c, 12 hours sunshine and a few 'good' friends to ride those Rough Roads....... Well it was bank holiday Monday and my friends were busy but I did have an epic day out. 4 started out exZAR, Felco, Husabang So big...
  3. Scottish bike show 2011

    I've been going along to the Scottish bike show for over a decade and have only missed it once due to the A96 being blocked with snow! Come March the show heralds the new season coming for touring and whets my biker appetite! This year I decided to book a hotel room in the area, book a...
  4. Norway - Nordcap, Hell & Back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'll do a written RR later just wanted to share the unedited photos. I'm not that good wiv words so describing the country will be hard with out using the f word to emphasise the wow A few pics to whet your appetite the rest are on my picasa album Picasa-Webalben - Nick - Norway2010 The...
  5. The new AT

    Africa Twin
    Got the new AT just how I want it, this was Ben's (Samwise) old AT, so I thought I would share a pic to wet the appetite so to speak! :thumbup:
  6. Ubley Drove Pictures 1st May 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The weather was kind to us thankfully and only turned around 4pm. It was a record turn out. Just a boring warning first. Many of you will know that I've introduced disclaimers for these events, however quite a few people didn't know this. These must be completed before these events as from now...
  7. Teaser Vid from Yamaha

    Here we go, have your appetite whetted - YouTube - 2010 Yamaha Super Tenere Story official video.flv Hmmm, Honda still not taking notice?? :confused: 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  8. Buying an older TA

    Following on from "Hello from the Vienne" I’ll confess that my appetite has been wetted re the Trasalp. I did go to the local dealership in Poitiers where they had a range of new TA’s reduced so I thought I would find out how much I would get trade in on my Bandit. Long story short, I need to...
  9. The Almerian Adventure

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Still working on some of the piccies so will do this report in stages just to wet your appetite. For those that don't know we have just had a family holiday down in the South of Spain, but one with a bit of a difference because we took the bikes down, myself and Caitie M did some horse riding...
  10. Nepal - A bikers heaven?

    Hey all, Well I just got into Nepal about a week ago and I have fallen in love with the place. Beautiful roads, people and scenery. I have written a blog post on a few of the rides I have taken in the past week but here is a bit of a sample to wet your appetite: My pace increased and I was soon...
  11. take a look at this

    Ride Reports and Pictures You've got to read the link above. It's about a journey taken by a KTM and an Africa Twin and the pictures are brilliant. I was really impressed with how the AT coped with the terrain. I've grabbed a pic from the write up which is below...
  12. French Virgins Required.......

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Over a cup of coffee the other day with Boxer Dog and McVicar we got to talking about a small trip to France for a day or two. I haven't ridden abroad yet and I fancy a small trip to whet my appetite. So is anyone else interested in this? This will not be a huge rush around stuffing in as...
  13. Laser ProDuro end can

    Africa Twin
    Well after givin g it some thought I have decided to sell the Laser end can. I am happy with the Honda system for now so it will have an add in the for sale section. I have just had it profesionaly polished and it is probably better now than when new. It is the road legal one and I think you can...