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    Anyone we know? If you look at the Inn at Applecross on street view you see this bike parked outside
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    (Getting my excuse in late, as usual) Couldn't attend on account of being in Corsica (not by bike though) Could be Ullapool though. Bike spotting point of interest, some lovely :hitler: engineering on posers quayside in Calvi: Anyway, the point of the thread, decided to take a trip...
  3. Travel
    So I was up at Applecross, last week. Not on the bike as the wife and dog were in toe. Stayed in a Cottage, and watched all the bikes driving past .. Me Wishing I had a trailer for the bike.... Took a picnic to Sand near Applecross, and took a look around Monty Halls Bothy, signed the...
  4. Travel
    If you have never seen the scenery in the west of scotland . Then this tv program will give you a taste of our country. I am going up there in April for a week, the wife has found a nice cottage to rent.
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today the Mountie, me and a pal of the Mountie went for a little ride to Applecross. Luverly day, with persistent rain from home to the other side of Inverness (Achnasheen to be exact). The afternoon was fine, with the sun only occasionally obscured by rain and hail showers. When we got to the...