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  1. Aprilia
    Anyone here owning a Caponord 1200 Rally? Comparing the prices for a brand new 2016 with the new Africa Twin, the Aprilia comes out as a better deal when looking at what's included. Okey, so no Automatic gearbox, but I did not whant that anyway.
  2. Transalp
    We all know that the TA700 can suffer from wind turbulence and noise with the stock small screen. Coupled with my AGV Compact the noise tends to be very loud in my my ears and I always need to wear good quality ear protection. I'm planning a big trip to France and Spain next year and would like...
  3. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, It's been a long time since I've been on here but I'm just looking at getting back to biking again but I thought I'd post up this bike I saw if anyone is interested. Aprilia Caponord 1000 EtvÂ*For Sale in Dublin : €1,950 - I went to see this bike and was impressed...
  4. Transalp
    Just picked up this 02 TA, been hiding in a garage for the last 8 years, managing all of 300 miles in that time (12 miles in last two years - MOT centre & return). Nice bike, big change from previous V-Twin: Aprilia Mille, but the old back couldn't cope anymore. Great to be back on two...
  5. Transalp
    Hi again, just tried out my new toy (2007 Transalp) feels great out on the country roads in Northumberland, only one thing I might change is the sprocket size as the engine appears to rev quite high even in top gear, I also have an Aprilia Pegaso and at 70mph its doing 4000rpm whereas the...
  6. Aprilia
    Hi everyone, i notice there is no forum for Derby bikes, but i believe they are owned by aprilia, so i hope this is the right place to put this post. Could anyone please tell me how to get the back wheel off a Derby Terra 125. I thought that it would just pull backwards out of the frame once...
  7. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Over on VDSR, Cupid Stunt is selling his tidy Capo, a lot of Bike for the Money if anyones interested.
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Well I think I have. First up,, oww doo :thumbup: Been gorping at Dommie/Vigor/Slr trackers for ages now and decided to jump in and have a go at one. I'm thinking Slr, don't know why, they just look a tad more fettlable to me :scratch: I'm brainwashed in Aprilia so I'm gonna need a bit of help...
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    As the weather was rather good today we (Barftone - CB500, Steve - KTM 950S, Helen - Aprilia Shiver, Boboneleg - RD04) decided to go for a road ride. So a gold star to the first person who can guess where we went :D ......... here's a clue, this is one of the locals...........
  10. XL
    Awright lads and lassies......Rico here, husband to a newbie XL125 Varadero ownin wife, while on her way to full bifta license status one day. Wir up in West Aberdeenshire so its dark maist o the time! Shes well likin the bike and wi it being a decent size for a 125 will make the step up tae...
  11. Aprilia
    Following a bit of searching trying to decide on what my next bike should be I got me a Falco Streetfighter: Pretty unusual bike, I've certainly never seen another one about. The Streetfighter kit was an (expensive) Aprilia option for the Falco, the new panels used are aluminium, mirror...
  12. Aprilia
    Simple really, any thoughts, opinions, advice, pointers, scare stories, glowing reports etc etc etc? Looking for a new toy and these really seem to fit the bill, seem like a fair bit of bike for the money Cheers!
  13. Aprilia
    some sxv wheels ive done [email protected]
  14. Aprilia
    Two 600cc 65hp single cylinders! in a V!!! Yes please... :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbright: YouTube - 2011 aprilia Dorsoduro 1200
  15. Aprilia
    Aprilia just announced the new Touareg, which will first be shown to the public at the EICMA show in Milan. The bike will have a 750cc V-Twin, 21-inch front wheel, higher front screen, longer suspension travel and will weigh-in at under 200 kilograms. It's not the prettiest Adventure bike I've...
  16. Aprilia
    I've just bought one of these!! It looks good but cant find out much about them does anyone know any thing Simon
  17. Africa Twin
    This is the proposed new Aprilia Tuareg that may be making it's first appearance at the Milan show. Looks lovely, steel & aluminium frame, with Shiver mechs, and its 750 motor, like a modern day Africa Twin? Which begs me to ask, that if a tiny company like Aprilia can see a market for this...
  18. Chatter
    Can anyone out there tell me where I stand legally, I bought a new Aprilia rxv450 on October the 1st, after 89 miles (3 hrs running ) it decided not to start, after a day and a half the dealer got it going but said they could not actually find anything wrong with it,and the computer said that...
  19. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A colleague of mine son is selling his Aprilia RS 125, Its a 2003 model with a Current mileage of about 17000 kKm – See photos attached. Asking Price £1400.00 OVNO If interested please send me a PM for contact details. Still available for sale ...
  20. For Sale / Wanted Aprilia Caponord with only 1200miles on it. Mucho underatted bike. I have bought bikes of this guy before and he is sound. Based near Bristol.
1-20 of 32 Results