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    Does somebody have a second hand pair of TT or AQ crashbars for the TA 650? :grin: Cheers Pics for reference
  2. Africa Twin
    Hey chaps, Is 35mm TT or AQ the hightest I can go with my handle bars, seems still a little low... I'm planning on doing lots of standing.... cheers Matt
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  4. Africa Twin
    Does anyone use a AQ Dakar racing 2 exhaust? Marcel
  5. Africa Twin
  6. Chatter
    I wrote to Stephan at AQ, asking for some English info on various @ mods and also the 840cc engine conversion, this was his reply : the 840cc transform we don't have in the moment on stock, but honda make for this yaer a noew bike with new engine! We will wait now! Reguards Stephan...