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  1. Vaders arch enemy

    Saw this & thought of Pete ! Little blighters are getting everywhere.
  2. Autumn in Aberdeenshire

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, as the sun was shining, blue skies all round I thought I'd have a ride on the Africa Twin today. I set off just after 10.00am and headed for Dallas, a small village outside Elgin, Morayshire, not Texas! I then went over the hill to Knockando on Speyside. I then followed the river Spey to...
  3. 'Allo london, zis ees night 'awk...

    ey op! any of you london lot any idea how long it might take to drive from central London (marble arch) to witney (nr oxford) up the A40? also, anybody know what this place is like :thumbup:
  4. Dunn'it at last !

    Been out for a ride this morning - SOLO - ! Almost three years after my little tumble, I've done it. :thumbright: It took 24 months to get back on the road with the Dommie outfit, and with the companionship and help of my good friend Cabby. I managed to get another conquest of the Stella...
  5. Raymo's Equinox Run 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well as It was a frosty Morning In Aberdeenshire , I waited until 0900 before setting off up north ( not wanting any nasty surprises in shady corners J ). Still a bit of last week ends snow lurking about, but day warming up nicely Usual route A944 A939 through Strathdon over the lecht Ski...
  6. Driving in Paris

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    This has been prepared by one of the Guys (Usil) on the BCFr forum, some useful tips and perhaps we should put it one the web site, whaddya fink ? Driving in Paris: Driving in Paris requires you to be prepared for the typical French style of driving where unwritten rules exist and if you do...
  7. XR250r Hard to start-maybe me!

    Hi All, Just gave in to temptation & bought a mint (2000Km) 1998 XR250r. Just waiting for the DVLA as the bike was previously registered in the Isle Of Man, thought that was going to be a real hassle but the visit to the DVLA was quite painless! I'm having trouble starting it up though. I...
  8. Please allow me to introduce myself

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul and faith Just bought my third AT it's a 91 ten years older than the last one I owned 6 years ago. Still to go and collect it. I've done the GS1150 12ADV KTM990 thing and come back full circle...
  9. Spark plug removal 1998 XR600

    Was getting my bike ready for the year up this weekend and removed the carb to give it a clean. It didn't look that bad really so I never touched it and put it back on. I did however turn it upside down. . . I then tried to start the bike, something which has been hard in the past, but couldn't...
  10. In the pub with LV at the National

    I was in fits of laughter when I remembered this conversation in the "Arch" Geoff had told me some time ago that our german friends in general had trouble in pronouncing some of our words so I put it to the test I waited until the Vaders had come into the pub and until Vader had consumed a...
  11. Westminster parking fees demo

    Here's video footage of last friday's demo at Marble Arch. Was an entertaining way to spend lunchtime. Sticking it to the man! :thumbright:
  12. A little bit of France

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last week Offroader, Eammon and myself caught a ferry to Calais, for a little jaunt into France. We were heading down to visit a campsite owned by a French friend of mine in Charmes sur l'herbasse, which is situated between Lyon and Valence. First stop though was at Guignicourt near Reims as i'd...
  13. Glen Esk Trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Was off to Glen Esk today.. Some pictures along the way............ First Stop Stonehaven The Royal Arch.. Fettercairn On the way up Glen Esk Mushrooms...... At Turfside End of the Road @ Invermark Half way back through the Glen. Got back to Main Road and decided to...
  14. A grand day out.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As posted on my Ural forum, I thought I'd share with you worthy lot too!! 06-June-08. Set off from home in Tallinn at about 11, coz I'm lazy and everything takes me about 3 times longer than it should.... I rode steadily for about 45 mins that took me South West of the Estonian capital, past...
  15. Excessmus

    I, being an Arch Humbug, don't do Christmas very well. But I quite like this link and I'm sending it out in lieu of cards!!! . But for those who do, have a nice one.
  16. Baja GB...

    Competitions / Trials
    ok not going to bang on about it as to honest I not that impressed with some of the decisions the organisors have made this year.... 2007 Baja GB is nearly upon us(August 17th-19th 2007), its a fantastic oppertunity to see some of the best UK riders and drivers in rally raid in action, and...
  17. oh for fecks sake !!!

    driving from one site to another today im sitting in traffic on a small piece of dual carriageway my lane starts to move, i get up to about 10mph when this lad suddenly just swerves into the side of my van :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted...
  18. Introducing (drumroll) - Frankendom ( a work in progress !)

    Dominator / FMX
    just to update you on how i have been butchering my once pristine dom: In addition to the toolbox/sumpguard, i am intending to fit a new fairing (obtained from African Queens - its a universal fairing). I also have some twin headlights bought off e-bay. Ive got a fair bit of fabrication to do...