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  1. There be pirates oh Argh!

    My favourite story of the day Parkham WI embarrassed by dressing as pirates for talk by former Somali pirate hostage Colin Darch | This is North Devon
  2. Argh!! Broken Waterpump.

    Any one know where to get a cheaper one, for a 200 650. My garage has quoted about 170+ Vat, strikes me as a lot. 'gonna try Dave Silver in the morning. I don't actually know how it happened either, that bit is normally pretty well wraped up in the sump guard, the gear selector wasn't bust...
  3. argh! ignition switch/steering lock!

    Africa Twin
    Walked up to the bike this evening, inserted key, turn... b*gger, won't budge. Lots of fiddling and I got the steering lock off, but can't get the ignition on - key just won't turn :cry: First suspicion is some wee b*st*rds have tried to nick it, but there's no sign at all of damage around...
  4. Hello. Argh...

    Africa Twin
    Hello from another new AT guy. I've just got my first AT (RD07) with the intention of going traveling (at some point!) on it. As i'm new to the bike, I decided to give it a service and general check. The first thing that i noticed was that the rear shock had the spring wound to the "max...