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  1. Tucson Arizona

    :cool: Whatever your political views or liking of Americans it is a sad thing when a fellow biker is injured, for the democratic politician who was gunned down in Tucson Arizona was also a renowned motorcycle rider here she is pictured with her BMW R75/5, I hope she pulls through. BIG D
  2. Arizona

    Hi folks, i am off to Arizona in Feb with work for 3 months :cool: and am looking to hire a crosser or tourer to get me around. Has anyone been out there?? Am after any recommendations for hire companies and or routes. I will have about 1 week off to hopefully go touring. Any suggestions would...
  3. Sport: NFL Superbowl XLII - Arizona

    Any other NFL fans on here?? I've supported the Bears since the early eighties and although they're not playing (probably a good thing with thier form lately) will be watching the Giants v Patriots game on Sunday night/morning. Kymmy