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  1. For Sale: HTC Desire

    For Sale / Wanted
    Got a brand new, boxed never been used HTC Desire for sale. Included is a brand new, still in the case Otterbox defender armoured case. £180 +p&p
  2. Warmest Armoured biking clothes

    I am looking for some info on bike gloves, Coat, trousers, gloves and boots, could any one please advise which are the warmest brand for winter biking? Thanks.
  3. Armoured vests

    Anyone care to recommend such a vest. During the off road day I came off the GS at a fair lick and caught the top edge of the screen right across my chest and while I'm pretty sure I haven't bust anything I have a good lump and it bloody hurts. I'm looking for something that will protect both...
  4. CHEAP textie repair?

    Any idea how i can repair a seam tare on the crotch of my textile trousers? (Still no idea how it happened?) i did have some of this stuff on it before: But since i washed and reproofed them the fecking tape now wont stick on Not looking to spend...
  5. Man with tall motorcycle & large cock.

    Friend just sent me this picture from our last trip to Mindinao, though you might find it faintly amusing.:confused::D The "beer belly" is actually my new armoured vest and bumbag! Honest!:D
  6. For Sale: Helmet, jacket, gloves....

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having a bit of a clear out and have the following for sale Men's summer gloves Buffalo size med/9 black mesh and leather worn once (armoured but not heavily) £10 Women's black leather winter gloves Ixon size XL, they are very thick and soft leather but have no hard armour in them £5 - sold...
  7. The call we all dread

    I recieved a call at work earlier telling me my son had been involved in an rta and although ok he was injured he was ok. Worried as hell I rushed over to find two pokive cars and an ambulance blookibg the road with the blues flashing, my heart sank....... then in the middle of this commosion I...
  8. can i come with you

    My young un has been nagging to come on the bike with me so i bitten the bullet and bought he some new kit, Flip front helmet, CE armoured corduras, motorcrosss boots, and on sharrie's advise a cheap helmet to helmet intercom from lidl's so i can listen to her sing HSM as we ride:thumbup:
  9. Armour

    Mechanical Advice
    Thinking of getting one of those armoured mesh vests. Can anyone recommend one? Is it better to pay more and get a decent one or are the cheap one's just as good?
  10. wulfsport cordura kit

    Discounts / Deals
    Just bought my 6 year old a set of wulfsport alpina gear for chrismas to use on her quad, the kit is being discontinued so is only avalable from wulfsport direct, it,s waterproof, armoured and lined the same as my hein gericke tuarig rallye kit, avalable from kids to adult sizes, mine cost £90...
  11. Avondale Honda ( Solihull) Closing Down

    Discounts / Deals
    As the title say, the AVONDALE Honda agent in Solihull West Mids is closing down ( last day 30/11/07) All bikes and more importantly kit at giveaway prices I just paid £18 a pair for XXL Wolf armoured/ lined/ black gortex trousers ( retail marked at £149.99.its all going FAST) Jackets...
  12. BLOBs "big lads on bikes"

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, Ive been off the scene for a wee while, as I was made redundant from my leftie youth work job but now have a real job, at least I have to wear a suit to work and not play as much pool as usual. But I need a pair of textile over trousers I can wear over the suit( I already use the Hein...
  13. Summer weight kit

    Following on from Alpslappers 'horror story' experience of the 'grated man', & comments about the vented / armoured meshwear; as a returnee, with little experience of modern options, I'd be interested in some recommendations for some fine weather jacket / trouser combo's for road based casual...
  14. Hot weather gear supplier.

    Africa Twin
    If you've time check these guys out:- I have a summer jacket that I bought second hand in Singapore, with the removeable armour, the dog's [email protected] for riding over here. (There's a testimony of a bloke that came off at 50mph wearing the same jacket as I...
  15. The Doomsday Scenario

    Right, following on from the thread that's suggesting we could find ourselves limited to scooters in the future, I thought I poll was well nigh in order! Note that I think any such law would be total bollards, but that's not the issue. My own opinion is that I couldn't imagine myself without...