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  1. Rear sprocket noise arrester.

    Africa Twin
    On the oem rear sprocket according to this (no 4) Honda Motorcycle Parts / Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda there is a "noise arrester" on the rear sprocket,my A/T has oem chain and sprockets but not the noise arrester,has anyone got one...
  2. what jets do you recomend

    hi ive a 2001 xr 250 header welds ground off airbox snorkel removed totally open exhaust ( no peashooter ,no spark arrester ) id like some info on what to jet the carb to work in this set up pl;z help or u can txt me on 0781 702 5249
  3. do i need a spark arrester on xr 250

    i ride in wet muddy conditions. noise not an issue. no fire risk ive just hacked my remove the pea shooter,,,, n had a balls up......the spark arrester got mashed. will it affect performance im going to jet to 135 have i missed something, or will i be ok ta nige
  4. xr exhuast insert/ Spark Arrester? does it make it quieter?

    Hi all, been a while since I've been on here so firstly hello!:thumb: I've got a xlr250baja '92 reg. Just ridden it all way through winter with a rather antisocial exhaust! Its some cheap carbon fibre thing with holes all over. But it did pass a MOT with it on(deaf mot inspecter! lol) So After...
  5. Rear Sprocket - Noise Arrester

    Africa Twin
    Just a enquiry out of interest really........ XRV750 Noise Arrester - part # 41212-MA6-000 - fiche F13 Rear wheel. Does anyone know the theory of how this works :? :?: Just been cleaning the @ and thought it was just a piece of Honda frippery, but when I looked at the microfiche I see it is...