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  1. Standard tailpipe

    Africa Twin
    What's the best type of paint out there which I can use to give the tailpipe a new lease of life. It need to be heat and water proof. I've tried hammerite but it just flakes off. I've tried heat proof enamel but water finds its way through. Arrgh help. I want to keep the standard pipe on there...
  2. FMX or Dommie fork transplant from CR500 or XR600 arrgh!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I've done enough research on this as to make my eyes bleed.... I suspect I'm just not getting it, but here goes.... I've picked up a "show-room" condition 1998 NX650 Dominator with 4k miles. Brilliant bike. Love it. But..., I would love to build it into something a bit more! I don't...