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  1. Africa Twin
    i know this is a totally funny question i have searched for the answer....i have orderd my plug spanner for the bike but i dont know untill it arrives...4 plugs in the bike...AND HERE COMES THE BIG QUESTION.....ARE THEY ALL THE SAME :confused5::confused5::confused5: ..because i would like to...
  2. News
    Red Dwarf’s Cat, actor Danny John-Jules and riding partner, management consultant Graham Hoskins, will be arriving a Honda's UK HQ in Slough at about midday today. They would be happy to meet any xrvers who can make it. They will be arriving in the UK through the Channel Tunnel this morning...
  3. XL
    Removed. Thread removed.
  4. Africa Twin
    Okay! Happy New Year all! New Year new pipe! With the recent discount and general need to change my end can I've ordered a Remus GP Revolution (Alloy finish) from HPS. :lol: Now all I have to do is fit it - straight forward for some however I'm a little new at tinkering :shock: so any...
1-4 of 4 Results