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  1. Sticky Helmet

    Africa Twin
    Right now ive got your attention .... ive got a new Enduro helmet never worn but the shell has gone all sticky :lol: Its almost like sticker glue but the whole helmet is covered ... ive tried white vinegar pledge polish and brake cleaner ... you can remove it with your nail then rub like fook...
  2. For Sale: Transalp 650 air filters

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a Hiflo (quality aftermarket) airfilter. Unused, in original packaging £18 posted* Genuine Honda airfilter, new in original packaging £22 posted* Fit all 650 Transalps. * Postage free unless you are privileged enough to live in the arse end of nowhere/expensive to post to then...
  3. Sounds stupid but hey

    For all you people out there that suffer with arse ache but don't have the dosh for expensive fixes I just had a brainwave, what's needed and what you get when you buy them is a air filed bladder, sooooo how about using ( wait for it) a Whoopie cushion. Just buy the biggest one you can get hold...
  4. For Sale: 650 Transalp air filters fs

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a few brand new airfilters to fit a 650 Transalp. Genuine Honda item in original (opened for pic) packaging £23 posted A couple of quality HiFlo items, again brand new £17 posted (not all are boxed) I can knock a couple of quid off if you want more than one or will add a couple of...
  5. Top Box Movement

    Hi As you can see, my TA has Honda luggage but my missus complains the top box is too far forward so I wondered if there was a kit to move it back ? I had a look today but there is no easy way to shift it to give her more room (no she aint a lard arse!) so wondered if there was an easy way ?
  6. Second opinion required

    Dominator / FMX
    I just spent the day messing around with the rear end of my project swinging hammers ,skinning knuckles etc:clown::clown::clown: I am curious as to how much I should kick the back end up before it gets welded into position. The first picture shows how it looks now, sort of parallel to the...
  7. oops!

    Stage one of the arse end remodel. Lots of sanding and filling and rubbing down to do now. :lol:
  8. small spin tmorrow...

    Africa Twin 2nd one i've done but this ones for charity, namely Bloodbikes West out here in the west of ireland. they have a bike named after my very special daughter so me and 2 friends said we'd try to put something back. over 1000 miles in under 24hrs on an africa...
  9. 150% council tax!

    If you purchase a property that has been empty for some time, you get no longer get any free council tax period, even on a property undergoing renovation/not habitable. If said newly acquired property has been empty for 2 years or more (eg, reposession) you may have to pay 150% council tax rate...
  10. Wanted: RD07a gel seat

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All 1. looking for a RD07a gel seat any make or colour. original a tad hard on my soft arse :( 2. front disc guard ali 3. rear disc guard ali KR Nic
  11. The hills are alive with the sound of…Varadero

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Quick trip out yesterday to test the new GoPro and just to give the bike and me an airing:thumbright: Aigen im Ennstal Only 200km, but that was enough for my arse:rolleyes: Whilst i was out'n'about, the phone rang with the good news that my new seat had...
  12. Long lasting dual tyres???

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    OK Folks, Here it is. I'm living in Vietnam and I have a NX 650 Dominator and I'm looking for new tyres. The issue is I have to take them from the UK to VN to I want a LONG LASTING 90/10 road/off tyre. I've been doing some research and the Anakee 3 or Tourance seem to be the way forwards...
  13. Happy Birthday Nickel Arse

    Happy Birthday Nick, be safe in your travels :occasion5::occasion5::occasion7:
  14. Not another monoshock question from the scouse git in Denmark.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings chaps, I have found an Ohlins TTX 44 Mk 2 from a Husaberg supermoto for sale and was wondering if it can be modified to fit my dommie project. All I can find out is that its 4.5 cm shorter than the dommie mono between the bolt holes. This will obviously reduce the ride hight which is...
  15. Wide load

    At what point would you say panniers are too wide. Had racks made up for the RD04, great workmanship, but, they are 60cm wide. My panniers are big but not that wide, 25cm each, which would then give me an arse like Doris at 110cm. I'll not be doing any filtering with them on so I'm not bothered...
  16. Wanted: Monoshock.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Do any of you chaps have a monoshock for sale that will fit my RD02 dommie. I am looking for a non standard shock to use on my flat tracker project, it must be able to handle my 90 kilo lard arse.:thumbup: Before I spring for a new Wilbers or Hagon, I was hoping you folks might have one hiding...
  17. Dangerous Car Driver!

    Some dick in an Audi reg No: KP57BMV decided that the 75mph in the outside lane of the A34 following the same speed traffic in front of me in the rain wasn't fast enough for him. He was right up my arse, then undertook me with literally a foot to spare, pulled in front and then slammed his...
  18. quick question..Transalp seat on an Rd07?

    Africa Twin
    Will a MK 1 Transalp seat fit on an RD07? My Alfie has gone into winter hibernation, but my shortarse mate who is looking after it may need to nip it into the workshop...and he's got a lowered seat on his TA...
  19. Wanted: Transalp 600 seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a seat on the Transalp that has been cut away for a previous short arse !!! Does anyone have a good nick standard seat please willing to swap mine if you want
  20. Sheepskin

    Where si best place get a section of sheep skin. i tired in the field but feckers kept running away I dont want pay the 70+ mark that online shops have them down for. I just want large section so i can cut one for 2 seats max. 1 be for @ for my arse and other be a dual one for 2 up on the...