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  1. Brake reservoir hoses

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know the size of hose used on the front and rear brake reservoirs. I need to replace hose that's between reservoir and master cylinder. (front and rear brakes). Would measure it, but want to get some ordered asap. Bike is an RD08
  2. Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Miada Vale, W London

    Mechanical Advice
    Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Guildford Earlier this week, my nephew Sam purchased from a guy in West Midlands, what was my old Transalp 650 but after checking it over and it flying through the MOT, the bike stopped on the M1 on the way back to London from Shropshire...
  3. Wanted: RD07 or RD07A Wanted ASAP

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Chasing a good RD07 or RD07A Please Message me if you have one or know of one for sale. Many Thanks Tom
  4. 2007 XL650V Exhaust Silencer

    Good day all.. I come to you in need of advice/assistance if I may? I own a Honda Transalp XL650V (2007) and my exhaust silencer has sprung several holes. I've been looking for a Genuine replacement but haven't had any joy as yet. Can anyone recommend a good replacement or know of genuine one...
  5. Back again.....

    Africa Twin
    Well after a year of regrets when I sold my rd04 and went to the dark 10 days I'll be back on a queen again! :blob7: she's a 2000my rd07a in black and gold :compress: I'll get pics up asap!
  6. nothing over tickover help HELP HELP HELP I NEED SOMEBODY, NOT JUST ANYBODY

    Africa Twin
    started fine, 3 miles down the road, engine died, tickover only. full tank of juice, fuel cap removed, both chokes blanked-off, recent new fuel filter. She'll start, but cuts out when revved. Don't understand because of the full tank & she starts. 1st week at new job & day off already, bike...
  7. Wanted: honda xr 250 kick start idler gear

    For Sale / Wanted
    wanted asap xr 250 kickstart idler gear must be 24 teeth 68mm in diameter with a 20mm hole or the shat and 10mm thick ive bought several rom ebay to no avail please please help me
  8. CDI Wanted ASAP

    Hi Everyone I posted earlier that I needed a ECU.... Mistake I need a CDI for my Transalp 1999 if you have a spare please inbox me and we can have a chat. thanks al
  9. Transalp xl 600 speedo drive

    Evening people does any have a spare speedo drive complete as mine doesn't work, please message me asap thanks al
  10. For Sale: Honda vfr800 FiY k&n power commander & o2 sensor eliminators

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda vfr800 2000 FiY k&n power commander & o2 sensor eliminators I have a k&n power commander and o2 sensor eliminators which were fitted to my honda vfr800 FiY year 2000 model bike and may fit others. I think it fits the 2001 non-vtec model but you would need to check. The k&n reference kit...
  11. Spark plug question...

    Africa Twin
    So yesterday while the tank was off balancing the carbs, I realised I hadn't changed spark plugs in over 24k km's so in amongst all the chatting with a mate and helping him fit heated grips I changed all 4 plugs put the bike back together and all is good, running and ticking over just fine, go...
  12. Wanted: Looking for a 600/650 rear wheel

    XRV Swap Shop
    hi, i've just got my self a 96' TA 600 for a pretty good deal, only downside is a couple of cracks on the rear rim so i need to replace it ASAP, i was going to get a new DID rim and have it relaced onto the original hub but need to get sorted soon and don't have time to wait for parts then wait...
  13. I need some help please

    I need some help for my trusty 1999 Transalp, I am doing a refurb to get her back to how she should look, I am in need of a suspension linkage complete with good bearing already inserted if possible. or if any other TA lovers out there now of another compatible linkage that fit straight on the...
  14. Wanted: WTD: XR400 please

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Im looking for an XR400 asap. I will travel for the right bike but ideally it will be a nice example in the south west. I have realised I cant be fussy though and will consider any. Thanks
  15. Transalp 600 master cylinder.

    Afternoon All, My front lever went very hard on the way home last night so I stripped it apart today thinking it probably just needed a bit of grease on the pivot to find the lower part of the master cylinder/bracket has snapped, I cleaned and greased it up and put it back together and if I...
  16. Wanted: Used front RD03 brakeline

    For Sale / Wanted
    All I need from the brakeline is the top steel block. Could come from another bike if the upper block is the same. Would buy several if available. Also need ASAP the plastic inlet for the rear MC. Mine is broken at the neck. Part # 43503-MS8-006 and available on most Transalp...
  17. Which reply needed, speedo drive washer

    Africa Twin
    I know this is also in the original thread but I need an answer asap as I want to get my bike back on the road asap. I have received a second hand speedo drive and need to know if the washers are already in there or if I need to order some. I can see something at the bottom of the drive bit...
  18. xl125v8 regulator/rectifier......

    Hi all, Can anyone let me know if there is another regulator/rectifier on the market which will fit my baby vara 125(2008 model) and not cause any problems ASWELL AS NOT BREAKING THE BANK!!?? I had a supposedly generic one fitted to her last year and now she's melting wires!!! I believe it is a...
  19. Wanted: Touring Screen Transalp XL600 (1999)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Just purchased my first Transalp...delighted with it. It's an oldie which I intend to tour on. I need to replace the standard bubble screen with a comfy touring job asap. If you have one for sale, please contact email [email protected] Thanks, Bob
  20. 1999 xl 600 screen?

    Greetings! I've just purchased a nice old Transalp 600 (1999) and intend to use it for touring Europe. This is my first Transalp...just changed from a Bonneville...and I'm delighted so far. I now need a higher touring screen asap. The Givi looks good, but so far, no luck in actually sourcing...