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  1. Cutting up my mudguard. Asbestos sticker.

    Dominator / FMX
    I was just about to take a jigsaw and dremel to my mudguards to shorten and reshape them when I see an asbestos sticker on the rear mudguard underneath the rear rack. It's an RD02 88-89 model and I'm now wondering if this was just stuck on sometime in its life or if these mudguards actually...
  2. Exhaust Port Gasket

    Mechanical Advice
    Got some of these from David Silver but they're not like the solid copper ones I took out....They look like little asbestos rope hoops with a copper thread wound through them... Anyone know if this is right?..:confused:
  3. Any ideas for gasket material?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. After getting a new joining gasket for the joint between the two halves of my BSM exhaust, I found on Tuesday night that it has broken up (like the first one did). It appears to be that the three bolts that hold the two sections together put strain on the gasket at its weakest points...