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  1. New (old) RD04 service tasks

    Africa Twin
    I suddenly realised I have been riding my recon RD04 for 12,000 miles. Effectively that is 12,000 miles from new (even though the engine had done 65,000 before the recon). I have changed the oil and oil filter three times in that 12,000 miles but done nothing else - just abused it. I'm going...
  2. Crosstourer questionnaire

    Honda have launched a questionnaire about the Crosstourer. I've cross-posted in here because it asks about what might be improved to make it more attractive to those who don't want to buy one currently. Might be worth completing (took me just a few minutes). You never know, maybe a new model in...
  3. Should bike tests be in foreign languages?

    There is a consultation out on the subject. There is pretty much zero risk of fraud for bikes but is a driver who can't speak or read English a risk on the roads? DSA asks if tests should be in languages other than English |
  4. High Mileages,fine,but what has done to achieve them.

    All these fantastic high mileages that have been done on these fantastic bikes that we have,but nobody ever asks at what cost.So that is the question,what have you done in terms of maintenance,what have you had to do as far as larger repairs or replacements are concerned and how have you ridden...
  5. R.I.P Frank Carson

    Was listening to one of his old tapes just the other day... BBC News - Frank Carson, the Northern Irish comedian, dies aged 85 His like are a dying breed... A man goes into Boots and says: "Have you got Viagra?" "Do you have a prescription?" asks the chemist. "No," he replies, "But I've got...
  6. Newbie thinking of buying asks....

    Africa Twin
    Hey, I am considering buying a tralie... Originally I wanted something small as as well as road riding I wanted to continue on where the tarmac ends, but then Mrs Bickers1984 has shown an interest in the pillion seat. So GS, is out cause tackling the rough stuff alone would be too much and a...
  7. A newbie asks: Luggage racks

    Africa Twin
    Hi I've got some Allit cases, started making some racks based on Touratech design from photos, 80% of the way I lost enthusiasm, thought I'd buy some but the Touratech, SW-Motech etc racks are pricey... My eye is on the Givi PL kit but they only seem to be listed for the '96-on AT. Mine is a...