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  1. What does the next few weeks have in store for me

    Well just had 2 weeks holiday from work and was due to go back to work on Monday afternoon. That's all changed now, some months ago something exploded in my finger and left a small lump in my hand. Had a letter last week saying i had to phone the hospital (Treliske) for a telephone assesment for...
  2. Damn, I was hoping noone had noticed that bit

    Forgive me father for I have sinned............................ I have to confess all as Snaphappy told me to. Friday the 24th of October was the date, the location was junction 1 of the M48/ A403/B4461 at Aust near the Old Severn Bridge. I had travelled to Avonmouth to collect Mel's ( a friends...
  3. Health & Safety gone mad

    I often have to travel all over London as part of my job. Even though I can travel on the tube for free I prefer to take the bike because of the time I save. Some time ago my boss mentioned that he has to do a Health & Safety assesment on my bike etc. We had a good laugh about it and forgot...
  4. Free IAM Assessment rides Sep 1st & 2nd, North West

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Just to let you know that Blackpool Honda (just off J.4 M55) are having a second open weekend. Our club S.L.A.M will be there so if anyone wants to try a free assesment ride with one of our observers please just come along. It will give you a taster of what the IAM and advanced riding is all...
  5. Are you a DAS motorcycle instructor ????

    Hi Decided to add another "string to my bow" and become a motorcycle instructor. Both CBT and direct access. Some extra pennies for bike goodies and trips. Have booked the course and got all the paperwork. Any members on this forum that are instructors having gone through the cardington...