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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Assume gear lever was worn, purchased new one, shaft also worn :( would it be ok to weld for now? I assume it's engine out and strip etc ? Any other ideas ? Could I drill through pedal and shaft tap it then add grub screw ? What options do I have Tia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Transalp
    How can I identify the 'low' seat? Mine has a part # 77200-MCB-6100 on it, but I assume this is just the no. for the plastic base?
  3. Africa Twin
    heya, I posted this on ADV as well but I wanted to access more thoughts on the subject. The video shows the chain slack on my bike - I don't know how old it is but the chain tensioner is at minimum so I assume it's reasonably new. Thoughts?
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, looking for a front wheel / complete rim for an XL 650 2001 (I assume any XL 650 wheel will fit), as I think mine is warped. Can't see any on fleabay. Cheers, Ash.
  5. XR
    I assume these are restricted for learners. Can they be given a bit more oomph easily?
  6. Mechanical Advice
    I ordered parts from around 9 weeks ago, and I have still have not received anything, and I'm about to loose my mind. It took them 4-5 weeks just to 'download' my order, as they called it, even though I had an order confirmation notice in the mail 5 min after, which I forwarded...
  7. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Am I alone in thinking that my TA front tyre looks more like a bicycle tyre? I assume it is unadvisable and probably dangerous to put a bigger one on? Informed comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi GuysI bought a 2003 African Twin which has done 21 000km's. I have not received the bike yet but have done a very short test drive on it 2 weeks ago. I assume if it is a 2003 model it is probably a RD07?The question is, I want to ride the bike from Cape Town to Cairo next year. So I have a...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    each evening this week 21:00 to 22:00 ITV4 has a TT related program. Monday was a program about Conor Cummins, have not seen my recording yet, last night a historical look back and interviews with some of the more recent record holders. tonight looks at preparation for the TT Thursday looks...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Last Friday, I was coming back home from the west, travelling in my vectra between Kyle of Lochalsh, Glen Carron and Garve. After hooning around the single track bit ( gotta love that section :thumbright: I got onto the long straights before Achnasheen. Looked in my mirror, saw a long line of...
  11. Africa Twin
    Don't know how these forums work particularly so am risking a "New thread"? Had/have an issue with the @ misfiring popping and now running like a 350. Stripped her down to "getattable" status and have discovered horrible gummy brown mess around left fuel tap. also discovered a section of fuel...
  12. XR
    I have a Honda xr250r 4 2004. I'm after a FMF Powercore 4 slip-on exhaust or something similar for it. I can't find anything in the UK from searching online in the usual places (Ebay :rolleyes:). I assume that four stroke slip-on's aren't universal and that it would be made to fit a specific...
  13. Austin's Adventures
    XRV's front line correspondent in Galloway has been providing me with updates on the snow conditions in Galloway. The forestry tracks would seem to have 3-4inches of level snow and I would assume with the continued low temperatures not much will have melted. In fact our correspondent reported it...
  14. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Right, The tranny is "much loved", well ridden and all the rest. Has served me well over winter but as summer is nearing I am reminded that this bike was meant to be for my other half to go touring on. The MOT runs out on the 3rd of April and it will need work to get through which I just don't...
  15. BMW
    I know I said I wasnt going to spend much on the R45 but I really dislike the look of the 'modern' valve covers and was wondering about fitting these. BMW R 45, 60,65,75,80,90,100 Valve /Rocker Cover round | eBay I assume they are not proper BMW ones and are re-manufactured. Good Bad or...
  16. Mechanical Advice
    Painting is one of the few things I've had little success with over the years. Wheels and such things I've used rattle cans and generally had a good enough finish but any sort of bodywork repair has been, to be frank, awful. Not withstanding the above and the fact that a pro job would push the...
  17. Varadero
    I have recently bought nos pannier frames for my year2000 varadero 1000. I then bought a right hand pannier off e-bay only to find it does not fit, so I assume they changed the mounting at some point. Can anyone give me some idea of when it changed so I can look for some older panniers please?
  18. Africa Twin
    I bought this rare beast in April 2012 from an Oz advrider inmate from Brisbane. Brisbane is approx 4500kms away so I had to roll the dice on its true condition by purchasing over the net without eyeballing it. The AT was never sold in Oz... big mistake there Honda-san. Previous owner dropped...
1-19 of 329 Results