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  1. Dominator / FMX
    So, last time I had the carb apart I put in a 55 slow jet As it turns out or seems atm a 55 is a little too much. Seems to run ok but tickover still a bit erratic Anyway, see if you can answer this If I leave it ticking over and then switch off the fuel, it seems to smooth out and the tickover...
  2. Transalp
    Hi there! I recently bought my first motorcyle, a 2008 transalp 700 and everytime I turn the ignition off the trip meter resets to 0. Trip , trip A and trip B they al reset. Don't know if it's normal or not. Any solutions for it? Also a noob question: how far up in the tank ca I topup with gas...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Alrite lads i have got a 42T rear sproket on my bike atm. I have orded a 46T i was just wundering if i would notice much diffrence in the acceleration Cheers
  4. XR
    Just been sorting a few things on my XR400(2001) and noticed that my forks seem to be set different,surely this aint right is it? Obviously im unsure if the suspension has been altered by previous owners,shouldnt they be set the same(or at least the same hieght,one sits flush and the other...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    hi im preparing my bike to take to europe for 9 days im just wondering what places would you suggest i could go to and what parts would be useful to put on the bike before going atm im stuck for pannier racks if anyone know any going for a resonable price please let me know.
  6. Mini XRVs For the little ones with access to google earth :)
1-6 of 6 Results