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  1. Meanwhile, atop Mount Etna ...

    Live Eruption Webcam ! Today, Sunday 6th, check-out the time-lapse function button to see yesterday afternoon's volcanic activity.
  2. South Downs Way

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tony Varadero said he wanted to see the South Downs, so he, Meesh and I met at Rykas on Saturday and had a blast down there. We blatted down to Washington, a small town on the South Downs just north of Worthing, and then weaved our way with no real plan along the downs, with a couple of detours...
  3. Winter Trails

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today dawned cold, frosty but beautifully sunny and so after the temps had risen a little by 10am, i was off - kitted up in readiness for the chilly weather Roads were dry-ish, but there was still ice on the smaller roads, in the shadows............winter riding, oh yeah I remember it well First...
  4. Video test.

    After investing the huge sum of £14.00 for a mini dv camera I thought I had better try it out on the bike. The initial method of fitting it atop the helmet just gave me miles of road 3 feet in front of the bike, not good!:( I made a bracket to hold the camera inside the visor and spent a bit of...
  5. First few weeks with my new AT

    Africa Twin
    Just thought i would share my observations about my @ (try to stay awake at the back) Always loved the @,always wanted one but never got around to getting my licence,finally this year i did! As soon as i saw Muzz's for sale i rang him and now its mine :p First impression was 'Jesus its a...
  6. Mini BBQ

    No, not the iconic little motor, roasting slowly over the coals...but a question... I saw somewhere, might have been on here, might have been elsewhere on t'internet, a groovy little barbecue that consisted of a couple of tubes which I think slotted inside each other, and inside those were some...
  7. The XLV750R is back on the road !

    Other Bikes
    Inspired by my seeing sense and deciding not to sell my XLV750R, and adding it back onto my multibike insurance for £58 Comprehensive, I took it for an MOT yesterday. Which it passed..with flying colours. Then came a tax disc. Then came a nice little pootle around the Wirral,ending up at the...