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  1. Best road tyres for CRF 1000?

    How to.....
    Any opinions yet for best road only tyres for the CRF 1000? I was thinking of Conti Trail Attack or Road Attack, which worked well on my BMW, but that did not have a 21 inch front wheel.
  2. Honda Luggage Rack

    I've just bought a second hand genuine Honda Luggage side pannier rack for a Transalp XL700. Unfortunately there are no instructions with the kit :(. As it appears that installation requires cutting into plastic, I would be grateful if anyone with the same kit still had the installation...
  3. How do you.......

    How do you..... A/ Get the big Dero on to it's main stand without having a heart attack or a hernia? Got a second hand 05 VA Dero which came complete with the Honda main stand and topbox plus panniers. I want to lubricate/ adjust the rear chain without having to roll it backwards and forwards...
  4. conti trail attack

    has any one tryed these trail attack on the ta, had these road attack on my cbf m2 and they wore down with in 2700 miles they where almost gone any thoughts looking for v good wet tyres for the winter months in wales:rolleyes:
  5. Happy birthday Digital Captive

    Just spotted that it's your special day. And what a grand way to spend it in company with your XRV mates! Hope you have a lovely dy, and beware of stray dustbins coming to attack you :cool:
  6. Tony Soprano RIP

    Actor James Gandolfini died of a heart attack at the age of 51. :sad1:
  7. Woolwich....Atmospheric Times?

    This could escalate....I hope not. Horrible.....
  8. Worst excuse ever

    You would have thought he could have come up with a better reason for wearing a "mask" in the middle of a riot. BBC News - Man 'disgusted' at Tyne-Wear derby police horse attack
  9. Prince Harry at Camp Bastion during Taliban attack

    From BBC News - Prince Harry at Camp Bastion during Taliban attack Nato told Reuters news agency that the prince "was never in any danger" So WTF is he doing out there? .
  10. R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan

    Michael Clarke Duncan death: The Green Mile star dies aged 54, following two months of treatment after July heart attack | Mail Online I thought this guy was great and just started watching him in a new show, couldn't believe it when i read the headline. Only 54, way to soon. Never pay...
  11. RD04 spotted in Torquay

    Africa Twin
    Went for a rideout today - spotted an RD04 in the same colours as mine near Meadfoot beach. Anyone know whose it is? Looks in nice condition! Was thinking if the owner were on the beach, they would have a heart attack watching its double ride past! Not seen another RD04 in 80's German ski...
  12. Anger Management?

    Away yer go......:hitler: Bus Driver Jailed For Hitting Cyclist, Attack On CCTV | UK News | Sky News D'yer think he had the 'Hump'?
  13. pcAnywhere

    This has just appeared on the BBC site BBC News - Symantec advises disabling pcAnywhere software I imagine few will be using this remote-control software, and therefore vulnerable to attack, and hopefully it won't affect anyone on here, but as well to make sure! Huw
  14. Trail attack tyres

    Hi every one, Had a set of Trail attacks fitted to my 700 alp today and wanted to know what pressures people are using out there, The tyre fitter said to ignore the standard pressures and told me to put 32 psi front & 36 psi rear ?, I have been using the same tyre place for over 15 years and...
  15. Unprovoked Attack

    My GSA attacked me on monday while i was filling up with fuel.As i tried to get off she attacked my Leg.In the haste to get away i had to lay her down on the floor. The darker of the bruises is from where my hamstring went a few weeks back,the bigger one is from my GSA:rolleyes::D:D
  16. Trail attack

    Africa Twin
    Anyone tested Continental TrailAttack on their Africa twin?
  17. Pushbike with built in personal attack alarm!!

    My wife has one :D 3 young girls, probably no more than about 14, tried to nick my wifes bike tonight. What they didnt realise, and neither did my wife, was that her personal attack alarm had fallen from her bag, and the strap was caught down the side of the pannier on the bicycle. When...
  18. "green" groups attack motorcycles

    Seems the "greens" are now gunning for bikes. They've managed to get themselves an invite to the House of Commons Transport Committee, and have been saying bikes are far worse than cars, and should be banned from towns and cities. Full story...