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  1. A layed back attitude to travelling in traffic

    Stunts on an empty road are one thing....:rolleyes: YouTube - This is How We Roll in India
  2. Attitude of drivers in Aylesbury direction

    Is it just me or do they breed a special type of knob in the Aylesbury area? Was marshalling a cycle race for BritishCycling and we have to 'warn' traffic of the approaching race try to get them to slow or show caution. Most co-operate and some are just stupid but this area seems to breed a...
  3. ProTyre Bristol - Bad Attitude - Incorrectly Fitted Tyre

    ProTyre Bristol - Bad Attitude - Incorrectly Fitted Motorcycle Tyre Having thought hard about whether to make a complaint directly to ProTyre Bristol, I decided that the way I was treated last week leaves me feeling that I do not want to enter into any dialogue with them whatsoever. I have...