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  1. Other Honda
    Hi, I've just won this ebay auction for a CT90 needing a bit of work. I'm after peoples thoughts on if they think it's a good deal, and anything I should check when I go to collect? It was a bit of a last minute impulse buy. Thanks in advance, Rob
  2. Mechanical Advice
    So I have a OHC Honda engine with no identification number this was brought from a police auction. Can anybody help me identify it from the pictures attached it looks like an electric start and is currently sat in a Honda xr frame not sure if these are the same bike or not. If I can identify the...
  3. XR
    Hi, I have a Honda xr200 which was brought from a police auction. There are no id marks on this bike as you can imagine, this will never go back on the road will just be used for riding round field etc. Any ideas how i correctly identify the engine i have on this, it is electric start and was...
  4. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    This will be going live on fleabay tonight. If anyone is interested in a deal outside of the auction, please let me know. email is best as I always forget to check on here!! - adam.pool15
  5. Africa Twin
    I would be very surprised if this is ex MOD, but who knows? We had DRZ400's at my last place of work which was the MOD. Looks in great condition and the miles, it's not even run in!!! Think the ad is 3 years old though....:rolleyes: Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 - MOD Sales, Military Vehicles &...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted good samaritan near Dunmow Essex who would be prepared to collect and post on some AT bits from ebay. Big ask I know, there are a few bits going that I need for the latest rebuild however the seller does not want to post and its just too far from liverpool. Auction ends Sunday night...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi, I need to source the rubber link section that goes between the Air Filter housing under the seat, and the other Airbox thingy that sits on top of the carbs - mine has split! Any idea where to source one? Am i best going to my local stealer, as searches on a well known auction site appear...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    I won an auction for a laser pro can with link pipe on ebay and as its the first time I put another can on a bike, do I need to use some kind of sealant between the pipe and the exhaust? completey foreign to me so any pointers will help
  9. Clothing
    Hi everyone,a friend of mine is auction an official KTM Red Bull Dakar jacket from Portugueserider Ruben Faria. This auction is for fundraising is son rehabilitation. You can visithis Facebook page to get to know is history: Jacketauction...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    There's a bike auction this Friday - perhaps the biggest of the year. BCA's Easter bike auction has 200 bikes,125 from Black Horse |
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Hmmmn!:rolleyes: Wayne Rooney-Designed Motorbike To Be Sold At Bonhams Auction (PICTURES)
  12. Africa Twin
    is it just me? fleabay, Every 4/5 days, the seller puts 2 sets on, 1 B.I.N £45, the other auction starting £20. Does it not make sense to let the 1st bidder win the set & 2nd bidder to grab the nxt set that comes along afew days later? Or am i just a penny pinching git (thrifty)?
  13. BMW
    Just a tip, there is an R65GS ex Danish Army on sale here: BMW 247 E 645 cc offroad motorcykel. til salg. P Retrade kan du kbe brugt udstyr, maskiner, kretjer og andet overskudsmateriel online. Lgg dit bud n! Something for our Danish Forum members looking for a cheap sturdy Airhead GS? There...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    You might remember I came accross this some time ago: Well here's another bloody funny one: Reliant Regal 330 Saloon | eBay ---
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Honda XLV 750 Breaking For Spares!! Auction for a Dustcap | eBay seem like hens teeth...
  16. Off Topic Lounge I've just been sent this although it's too late to view. Pity really as there's quite a few motorcycle tyres included as well as a lot of stock. Oops! Just found the photo library
  17. The Longest Day
    I'm not sure how this works but here is the item up for auction. For you guys it's pretty obvious. It's the headlight, speedo and indicator mount for a AT. I'm not sure how the models change but it's off a 2002 model and a part from a slightly bent indicator mount (that's easily straightened)...
  18. The Longest Day
    The auctioneer dons his favourite pinstriped suit, Oxford brogues, white shirt complete with horrendous looking tie. He kisses his wife good-bye and walks out of the door. With eager steps he makes his way to planet XRVs auction hall. He takes the old & rusty key out off his pocket, unlocking...
1-20 of 33 Results