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  1. Skilled, brave, or just 'kin mental?

    You decide. :rolleyes: Audi R8 X Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R X Suzuki GSXR1000 - YouTube Andy.
  2. Flying Audi

    BBC News - Man seriously hurt as crash leaves car embedded in home What is more amazing? That the driver is still alive; the strength of the car body or the weakness of the, presumably, double brick walls - and it seem to be on a corner which ought to have given it a bit more strength, but look...
  3. Motorcycle Monthly

    Just reading next months edition of this newspaper and they are doing a comparison review between the Crosstourer and the Africa twin. It takes up 4 pages if you include adverts, the forum is recommended so is rugged roads in the review so back handers there i guess:D:D:D. Guess i'm wondering...
  4. Running A Bit Rough

    Hello you lot. I'm in desperate need of some advice here. My big 02 vara is running a bit rough. The best way I can explain it is, if it was a 4 cylinder it would feel like it's running on 3. A couple of times I've started it and warmed it up for a couple of minutes and then set off. It has...
  5. NW200

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well i've been waiting for this trip for a long time, Tuesday 3 of us left down here and rode up to North wales through Brecon and over the mountains and stayed in Caernarfon. We got up and caught the Super cat into Dun Laoghaire We were sat at the back of th eboat in the sun and were asked to...
  6. Withdrawn: Non XRV Item: Landrover Defender 90 2.5 TD5 for sale/ swap WHY

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bit of a dilema? Landy defender sale/swap I am in a bit of a life changing dilema and after 37yrs with one woman you can guess the rest. Anyway I shall have to sell all my 'toys' and put them in the solicitors holiday fund. So I have a very nice TD5 Landrover defender 1999 (s) 2.5 turbo diesel...
  7. An odd move?

    Audi Buy Ducati..... wonder what that means, if anything, for Ducati?
  8. What a f*****g day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Couldn't decide what i wanted for Xmas so opted for a new set of plastics and graphics for the trials bike, bikeslooking sweet and today i was christening it. Enter the first trial (championship trial in novice class) in a few months since we had the baby. The trial was over 30 stages (3 laps of...
  9. Edinburgh Airport - parking?

    This is kind of a long shot I suppose but I don't know of another place to ask and Edinburgh Airport's own website isn't much help, with precisely one occurrence of the word 'motorbike' in the entire site. Does anyone know if there is any dedicated parking for motorbikes at the place? I've...
  10. tl125 colour

    Other Honda
    i have a 76 tl nearing completion which should be sprayed silver with orange flash. i prefer the earlier silver and blue, so does anyone have a suggestion for the closest match for the blue? i use an audi silver. thanks.
  11. Fathere Frads Tour of The Lleyn Peninsula

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Father Frads Tour of The Lleyn Peninsula Frad being a gentle man gathered all those riders who where left from not going Bog Snorkelling with Mike and round the ragged hills with Paul and who could ride legally and headed off around a gentle few roads showing the sights of the Peninsula. as we...
  12. Quick question for the WELSH contingent on here

    On the M4 coming from Bristol to Wales who owns that bridge? and how can i contact them...... After getting no help and load of s**t from DVLA i feel like asking the question why my car L200 get chearged nearly a £10 these days to go over it in 2WD, but an Audi Quattro, Subaru Imprezza and...
  13. A close shave today.

    About 2 hours ago, I almost died! Well, I say "I"... what I really mean is my male ego... which, as we all know is just as important! :D I took the dogs for a ride and walk in the forest and I was heading back into Tallinn, on a gloriously sunny evening. I was riding along, and came to some...
  14. Model Car Museum

    Situated just outside Northiam, is the model car museum Welcome To The Mill Toy & Pedal Car Museum - The Mill Toy & Pedal Car Museum I went a couple of weeks ago; fantastic! I don't want to say too much, but it is superb, a real trip down nostalgia lane. If you get a chance, do go; they even...
  15. Should I be worried?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all I've got a bit of knock at low revs, it seems to turn into more of a grind when I pull the clutch in and a little whine.. Also the dribble from the rear cylinder that I thought was the rocker cover was actually a loose spark plug (rear left) I could see it bubbling when I looked over the...
  16. Motorbike theory test

    Well having just passed the motorbike theory test today I had a few observations. At this juncture I should point out I have been driving a car for 14 years. I dearly wish I could tell all of you experienced riders that it (theory and hazard test) will make me safer on a motorbike...
  17. RWB RD04 in Hatfield.

    See this quite regularly at the Tesco roundabout past the Audi garage, anyone here?
  18. For Sale: 1991 DR 350 Bits (Complete bike)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have regretably had to dismantle a project bike due to space issues, at the moment I have a complete DR in the boot of an audi A6!!! The bits for sale are: Complete plastic set, Tank, side panels, front and back mudguards. Could do with a respray. Throttle assembly (throttle...
  19. For Sale: Citreon C1 Rhythm 5 Dr 09 Plate

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Citreon C1 Rhythm 5 Dr 09 Plate SOLD SOLD SOLD ! :) Click on the picture to take you to my gallery where there's a few more pics. (MODS: Fell free to tidy up for me) 9000 mls, bought as ex demo. Still under warranty I believe..I'll double check VGC slight scuff on o/s rear bumper...
  20. I know they are not bikes, but

    The last couple of days I have seen a Ferrari and an Audi both in Chrome. The shine from them is excellent. I have seen pictures of a bike that is all chrome and it does not do the finish justice.