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  1. For Sale: Aul Domi fur sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    F reg, wi Kickstart, red, good enough condition, long MOT an Taxed, , nice twin chrome cans, new shock, good tyres, Clutch slippin a wee bit when ye power on... but riding it decent, its ok... I will add pics tomoro... 57k miles... but goes well... doesnt burn oil an not that rattly... Bike is...
  2. My faithful Dommie is no more...

    Dominator / FMX
    My faithful Dommie has left me after three good years together. It was a oncoming car that was crossing my Dommies path. I had been searching for it for two years, since it had to be a '99, black and low on mileage. It had 30000km. on it when I found it. Now it has 35600km. on the meter. The...
  3. 2011 Renault/Ford

    Renault and Ford are working on a new small car for women designed to be almost unstealable. They are mixing the Clio and the Taurus, and calling it the "Clitaurus." It comes in pink, and male car thieves won't be able to find it, even if they are told where it is.
  4. Factory honda nx500 nx650 dominator workshop manaul '88

    eBay - Dominator
    £19.99 End Date: Friday Feb-04-2011 0:53:11 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;19.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  5. snow chains- what size?

    hi all, what size chain is required/used by you lot for a light commerecial vehicle , say my renault master 3900kg tyre size 225/65/16 need for a trip to Austria/Germany so must have incase:(. dont what to get cheap ones off ebay and have them break or fling off damaging the vehicle,some say...
  6. Not about bikes -- car welding

    Ok, I bust a wheel stud putting my young fella's wheel ON :confused::confused::confused: ( must stop eating those porridge oats :D ) Couldn't get the stub out so stripped the caliper off,took off the disc, disconnected the battery and welded a nut onto the stud stub to get a spanner onto it. I...
  7. 720cc KIT for NX or FMX

    Dominator / FMX
    As all we speak about modifications on our engines, I came across this, which is a 720cc bore kit XR650L Big Bore Kit Honda Big Bore Kits for Dirt Bikes, ATVs, and Street Motorcycles KIT HAS A JE PISTON AS STATED HERE. L.A. Sleeve-Honda XR650L 1993-09 720cc Big Bore Sleeve Kit $615.00...
  8. Need a car for your teenagers? Worth a read

    Renault Clio - best ebay auction eva!
  9. Tuscan Hills 2011

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Went back home for the Easter break and while driving around in my mother's Renault Clio with the steering wheel pressing hard on my six-rolls.....I realized that it would be wondreful to ride the same roads on a bike like I used to do 30 years ago.... It's only an idea at the moment but would...
  10. Stonking motor for sale...

  11. Ohlins HO645 s46hr1c1s

    Africa Twin
    HI there.. I have been thinking of putting one of these shocks for the back of the AT. I already have progressive springs in the front (whitepower), and the difference in the front is huge. Still, I have never riden an AT with a ohlins on the back, or with a suspension other than the original...
  12. Paris Dakar 1982

    Not bike related but...Two bearded French lunatics take on the the Dakar in a shonky old Renault...Best bit starts 3:10 in....Cue lots of merde-ing and zut alor-ing...Also note the protective clothing YouTube - Paris-Dakar 82 :p
  13. hunting an spluttering

    Guys. ma 89 alp, just bought it, when ye open it up, it feels like its not getting the full power, it kinda feels like it has more to give.. especially when yer at around its 80mph mark, it wont go faster, but it keeps hunting kinda thing an ye kin feel it wants to do more being the trustworthy...
  14. cars, useless things.

    I have not had a car for 2 1/5 years, have hired one four times in that time but currently have my dad's on loan as he has been told by the doc not to drive. It's some Honda thingy, 4x4, with a big spare wheel on the back. Went to see my daughter in a short play at her drama club. Anyway, on...
  15. so where are you in this list ?

    what does your car say about you:D Acura NSX- I am impotent. Alfa Romeo - I’m looking for Beta Juliet. Aston Martin DB7 - I have sweaty feet, but still women like to suck my toes, I wonder why? Audi 90- I enjoy putting out engine fires. Audi TT - I love golf, but I love my car (with no...
  16. DIY panniers and Switzerland

    I have gleaned many useful bits of info from this forum in the past, so I thought I may reciprocate. A few words on DIY panniers for the TA. Frankly, new hard panniers and fitting rack are an extortionate price, so a DIY solution seems a good idea. The panniers themselves are not a real issue...
  17. renault f1 -silverstone

    up to 4 free tickets to go watch renault at silver stone,,,i sent off for mine,,, gisa shout whos up for it ( i might be able to go lol)
  18. Grey and murky Essex

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Working from home today, so I went out for a little ride in the grey world that is currently Essex. Popped over to Hainault to meet my mum at the crematorium to sort out what was happening to my dad’s ashes. Stopped at Greensted Church on the way back or to give it it’s full name The Church of...
  19. What...? Oh come on... Its not that bad!

    Renault have just brought out a people carrier so spacious, comfortable and luxurious that you hardly notice the Kids are in the back... They've called it the Renault McCann... :rolleyes:
  20. Lesson: don't give your bike !

    As you can imagine, i was to play footbal when this lesson had to be learned ! And of course, i lend for "only 5 minutes, plsssss !!!!" my bike to a friend, to see how big it is, how practical and maneuvrable is this ... VARADERO. Becouse is my friend, i cannot say NO (even if in my mind i heard...