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  1. My trip to auschwitz

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Guys did this trip solo in the summer, somewhere I had always wanted to go, I had around 10 days no real plans just a end place. took 3 days to get there and at a real push 2 days back I must say Poland was great next I need more time there, a great part of Europe. I'm so rubbish at reports...
  2. Open invite to poland

    Right Guys I have dates 30th Aug to 7th Sept off for a trip. Crossing at dover heading into poland to Oswiecim for a visit to Auschwitz. then onto Krakow for Schindlers factory, then if there's time and all is well over to germany to Berchtesgaden for the birds nest and back. No real plans I...
  3. A visit to Poland.

    I have travelled many miles throughout Europe, quite safely and without too many problems. But I have never entertained Poland, that is until now. So, in September me and a mate will give the Country a short visit. My concerns are the varying reports, good and bad, about the roads, traffic and...
  4. Happy Days - random pics

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Flicking through a few pics of bike trips from this year, made me smile - I thought I'd share a few of them with you. Ain't bikes great & roll on summer :thumbright: Two 'Hogs' at the Valley of Fire (near Las Vegas); The XRV trip to Wales; Next up, meeting friends at LeMans for the...