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  1. Author Iain Banks terminally ill

    Just seen this on the BBC News site - Author Banks has terminal cancer. Don't know what to say really. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  2. Uneasy Rider or Jupiters Travels

    Just about to order myself something to read from Amazon, Which should I choose? (as the title suggests) Uneasy Rider Or Jupiters Travels I have read nothing by either author before. And I'm going to order tonight. Preferences? Suggestions? Cheers.
  3. Only 16 days to go...

    Until the launch of my new book 'Tortillas to Totems' at the Ace Cafe, but that's not the main reason I'm posting now. I promised a while back that I'd let everyone know what was happening with the raffle we are doing at the launch in aid of MoR - Motorcycle Outreach. First off, I have to say...
  4. Fixing the splines on the countershaft

    Mechanical Advice
    I found this on a Swedish web forum. Bloggis | Countershaft wear - fix and prevent I know the author sometimes visit but I have not seen if he has linked to his own work. Anyway, all the credits to him ("Tramsvalp") for his work. It could very well be worth trying if your...
  5. Admin Email

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Not sure if the TLD organisors are aware but this came through today. Will leave it in your hands
  6. Fuel pump (original) modification with headlight relay

    Africa Twin
    Hi, me again.... After ordered a R/R online, next was checking what to do with the unreliable fuelpump. I searched the net and came over this solution: Should work good, should'n it ??? Details: Clean up the contacts in the fuelpump or...
  7. A Trip to 'The Lakes'

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok Im no Author but I will give it a go :D Wigan Chris and I set off for a part of The Lakes, where the company I used to work for own a farm, with much grovelling I got them to allow me to pitch my tent for the weekend. View image in gallery Arrived Friday evening after a wet run up the...
  8. Sponsorship - 1 down 39 to go !!

    The Longest Day
    Dont understand about the sailing bit :confused: <message removed at the request of the author> Hi Melanie Thanks for your prompt reply and sorry that <edited> can't afford £50.00 but fully understand in this environment. Kind regards Mark
  9. Home made screen, It only bloody works !!!!

    Bodgers Corner
    From the author of the copper pipe pannier rack, comes the cut and flip screen. Just to prepare you the top screen is still in the rough so to speak, and it is not quite central, but after a quick 10 mile blast, it does seem to work.
  10. Government advice on climate change requires fuel duty cut

    According to the Stern Review, which the Government cites when it wants new "green" taxes, fuel duty is currently too high. The essence of the argument seems to be that if tax levels are too low then people produce too much CO2; but if tax levels are too high then they are more damaging to the...
  11. Morocco Dakar trip pictures.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Part 1 of this report is here MY DAKAR RALLY ADVENTURE WAS SCUPPERED BY TERRORISTS BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE. Hill parking and getting a bump in the morning from Duncan Marakesh square at sunset. Night falls on the...
  12. Sahara

    I posted this in 'Travel' but it seems to be an area not so well visited, so I'll post it again here. Perhaps the Mods can decide which one stays. Hi all, The author of this website, Jo, is actually a member of this forum. Only recently...
  13. Hondas to the Sahara

    Hi all, The author of this website, Jo, is actually a member of this forum. Only recently joined,and probably not posted yet, she is nevertheless a Honda girl. (That's her on the scooter in the dodgy garage!) Perhaps you will find time...
  14. Terry Pratchett

    Just read on the news that the author Terry Pratchett has a rare form of alzheimers!! gutted for him! i know there are a number of fans knocking around on this site! apparently he delivered the news with his usual humour and finished up by saying "i'm not dead" (for those of you not in the...
  15. Fuelpump to the umpteenth

    Africa Twin
    I've actually been able to read alittle bit of what you guys have in your Forum, very impressed. Alittle bit about me: I'm an american living in Austria and actually belong to the German/Austrian Forum, but have found out that you guys have some pretty interesting solutions for common AT...
  16. Ted simon Interview BBC Radio 4

    according to Lois on the Loose website (great book) she is being interviewed with the legendary Ted Simon of Jupiters Travels fame on BBC Radio 4 Excess Baggage this saturday- I would recommend the book Lois On The Loose found it the other day browsing in Waterstones, It describes her solo bike...