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  1. Transalp
    Without wanting to open myself up to scorn can anyone please tell me what this is? I think it's an automatic chain oiler but as my St1100 is a shaft drive I've never seen one? I have just picked up a 650V4 Transalp and is on the chain side of the bike but it looks empty- I don't even know where...
  2. Aprilia
    Anyone here owning a Caponord 1200 Rally? Comparing the prices for a brand new 2016 with the new Africa Twin, the Aprilia comes out as a better deal when looking at what's included. Okey, so no Automatic gearbox, but I did not whant that anyway.
  3. Chatter
    I couldn't resist ordering one of these... Chinese hospitals introduce hands-free automatic 'sperm extractor' for donors (that even play videos to 'help') | Mail Online
  4. Other Honda
    Hey there guys, i recently bought a Honda MT50 1988 model and i really need some help sourcing some parts. Ive searched all over Ebay and they don't have the parts i need. Ive also looked around my local scrap yards but they only do car part. I really need to get these parts otherwise its an...
  5. Chatter
    I'm thinking about it and had a look at the subscription link and found out that it was £12, no problem with that However I was confused/unsure about the automatic recurring renewal, in 12 months So if I pay by PP, will another £12 be automatically taken in 12 month's time, without asking me...
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Hi everyone, With kind permission of the owners I'm gonna be posting some current projects on here that RaidXtreme are working on with a view to finding out who's interested if we make these projects sellable and especially if anyone has any ideas for either the current projects or any new...
  7. Chatter
    Hi, And now for something completely different. Has anyone ever changed automatic transmission oil on a car? Is this the same procedure as the normal engine oil? Thanks. Tijn
1-7 of 8 Results