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  1. Africa Twin
    hi lads im after a bit of info.can anyone tell me if il need to up rate charging system on my africa twin 1996 if i wont to fit heagted grips sat nav spots aux sockits and so on.its my first africa twin so any info greatfully excepted.:cool:
  2. BMW
    tank bmw, hecktank, hpn acerbis, paris dakar r100 gs, r80 gs, g/s | eBay For the Mods: I have no connection what so ever with the seller.
  3. Varadero
    Hi, has anyone fitted any aux/driving lights to the varadero and if so any pics? Cheers Justin
  4. Gas Gas
    Just seen this, oh if it ever went into production i think i would sell the wife:D:D:D.Just look at the AUX fuel tanks Does that look the mutt's nutt's or what ????? Haven't heard th espec yet it's on the GASGAS MOTO's page on FACEBOOK
  5. Accessories
    Anyone running spotlights on their bike? I just got hold of some Cree LED lamps (30w 1500 lumen 2.5 amp) to supplement the poor lighting on my Road trail. I dont seem to have the authority to post pics unfortunately. Anyway i will give a report when I wire them up over the weekend :cool:. Cheers...
  6. BMW
    I have completed a project to design, build and install an 11+ litre auxiliary fuel tank to my GS. All the information is on my web site "The Engineering Emporium" Home and look under Articles. I hope to be at The Grand National in Rosedale but will probably arrive mid-day Saturday. Ride...
  7. Transalp
    I have bought an Auxillary Power Point I want to put on my 2007 Transalp 650. Anyone got an suggestions as to the best place to moubt it that makes it most user friendly. You could save me a bit of time in putting it somewhere, trying it realising it is in the wrong place and moving it. I want...
  8. Transalp
    Interesting idea:
  9. Bodgers Corner
    right then you huggable lot :lol: any one got any ideas on how to do an aux battery lead so i can plus things like compressors or air beds blowyuppythingys etc with out taking all the pannles off?
  10. Africa Twin
    I think the lighting on my 95 africa twin is really wimpy. I wanted to isntall some aux lights kind of like the people with gs do. I was thinking lightforces like these...
1-10 of 10 Results