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  1. Legality of headlight modulators?

    Mechanical Advice
    Here I have seen mention of these gadgets elesewhere and they do look as if they would add to making the bike/rider more conspicuous. I would wonder on the legality here in the UK, but would need to check of the modulator allows some "get out" with the fuzz? Personally, I think a couple of...
  2. Cree LED Auxillary lights fitted

    Africa Twin
    Bought these off ebay, came from Taiwan but dirt cheap & seem good quality. Motorcycle LED Lighting 780LM 12V 24V Cree x2 Farkle My Ride Advrider Tiger 1050 | eBay Havent ridden in the dark yet, But they are definately brighter than the headlamps & will get me seen hopefully!
  3. Improving the headlight

    What suggestions are there for getting better light out of a 700 headlight? I'm looking at how to improve my view now the evenings have drawn in as I'm not overly impressed with the lights on my commute. I've thought about HID lights, but are they legal? I've heard a few people say that they...
  4. Auxillary Lights

    Mechanical Advice
    just fitted a pair of these, 600LM CREE LED Light Quad Adventure 4x4 SUV Rally Truck | eBay, as recommended by Outrunner. They are the daddy need to get the alignment right so the cage drivers are not blinded.... :D Would recommend them for the price....
  5. Marathon Auxillary Stand

    Bodgers Corner
    Following on from Anton's ugly stick post, I knew the RD03/4 Marathon bikes had an auxillary stand mounted to the top of the bash plate. With help from our friend Gian he helped me out and sent exact dimensions to me of an actual Marathon stand. I have replicated these to within +/- 2mm and...
  6. Auxillary Spot lamps Varadero 1000

    HI Only passed the Direct Access couple of days ago and already found a replacement for my orange Varadero 125....... an orange Varadero XL1000 basically feels like I have fed the 125 on BabyBio and steroids. As I want to ride through winter I wanted to add some stpots to the fairing. I found...
  7. For Sale: Marathon Rear Panels & Auxillary Tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well, here you go - get bidding:o:o Both rear panels and auxillary tanks AND seat to talk nicely to the wife now:(