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  1. AT 2002, Renthal bars - best method to mount satnav?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, thinking of occasional use of garmin satnav on my twin. What's the best attachment method? looking at the cockpit I am thinking attachment to bars only option. Is it the only way? :thumbup:
  2. For Sale: Sat Nav Mount for Varadero 1000 2003 onwards

    For Sale / Wanted
    New, made from 2mm mild steel & satin black powder coated. Supplied with stainless fixings & 1 x 1" Ram Ball, but will accept upto 3. £50 including UK Mainland postage
  3. Fairing

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys. Found this one on ebay Honda XRV750 Africa Twin RD07 93-03 Replacement Fairing | eBay What do you think could it fit or be made to fit rd04?
  4. Exhaust gasket ?

    Has anyone tried these gaskets out yet , if so what was the verdict. They look as though they will last longer than those silly graphite jokes.
  5. Wanted: Update maps for garmin 500

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi as anybody got a sd card with latest maps for garmin 500 that they dont want I dont want to pay £40 from ebay as I can buy a sat nav for thatlol
  6. Fuse box

    Africa Twin
    Looking for a fuse box that will take normal blade fuses. 4/5 way, trying to tidy the old girl up. What with sat nav, heated grips, optimate & spotlights it's a mess. What has everyone done/used?
  7. Satnav / Navigator / GPS choice?

    Bike Comms & Audio
    I'm in the progress of buying a new Satnav. I think I narowed it down to either the Garmin Zumo 390LM or the TomTom Rider V4. Or are the others out there? Any drawbacks on any of the two contenders? Cheers, Kjell
  8. H4 headlight bulb

    Africa Twin
    I need a replacement headlight bulb and I checked on wemoto and it quotes a H4 P43T. Is this one on eBay the same RED LABEL H4 472 CAR HALOGEN HEADLAMP BULB 12V 60/55W P43t 17mm | eBay Just checking because it states 'car' in the listing Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  9. More Prat-Navery

    ANother tale of blindly (pun intended) following the Prat-Nav - Sat-nav mix up leaves pupils in Towyn not Tywyn. Still, it was only 80 miles from where they should have been. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  10. For Sale: Migsel SatNav / GPS Mount for Varadero

    eBay - Varadero
    Migsel GPS Mount for Honda Varadero XL1000 | eBay
  11. Helicopter crash in london

    Saw this on the news 20 mins ago, what a traggic accident. Appears an Augusta 109 hit a roof crane. Nothing confirmed yet appears low level fog / mist are the cause and question over whether the Nav lights were on, on the roof of the crane t know if the pilot saw it. Feel sorry for the pilot and...
  12. Wanted: Bike Sat nav

    For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone want to sell a relatively cheap sat nav for the bike? Anything considered....thanks
  13. Boris ----- Sat Nav

    Boris my good fellow, Was quite impressed by your sat nav when I got lost on Raasay last week ( I know, three roads on the island and I still feked up etc etc :confused::confused::rolleyes: ) :D Be a good chap and divulge the make and model :thumbup: Oh and what pros and cons TAAAAAA
  14. Wanted: TomTom Satnav

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a TomTom GO satnav. Pretty much any model considered but mush have headphone socket and provisions for an SD card It needn't be a bike specific job so something like a Go 520/30 or Go 720/30 would be ideal.
  15. Phone as a satnav

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Anyone got any info or experience of using a phone as a satnav on the bike? Thinking of mounting it, powering it, enclosing it.......... Rickskye
  16. Garmin Zumo 400

    Product Reviews
    Need a new sat nav and have chance of this one very cheap does anybody have any experience of this particular model please ?
  17. Using Car Satnav

    Does anyone use a car satnav. Im wondering whether to get a new satnav but bike ones are so expensive and a car one can be got for a lot less. I was wondering if they would fit in an aqua box and still be seen. Im not bothered about having an earpiece to hear it also
  18. Transalp Tank Bag

    Does anyone use a tank bag on their TA? It would be a useful place to put a satnav, but with the, er, 'distinctive' shape of the TA tank, it doesn't look as if a standard tank bag will fit. Anyone got a solution, please?
  19. Surface mount pcb repair

    In my ham fistedness replacing a battery pack I've managed to damage a component on my satnav mainboard and I'm looking for someone who has access to surface mount rework equipment. Anyone capable of helping out?
  20. For Sale: Autocom Pro-7-Sport

    For Sale / Wanted
    My other Autoccom unit NOT redy to be wired in,i used to run it off a 9V Batterie comes with 2 leads One is a connection lead for a Zumo Satnav and the other is a flexi lead where you can plug your own earphones in Looking for £75 +P&P