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  1. Swap: Couple of Items Availble

    XRV Swap Shop
    I have a braided hose never used still in packet item number SB31200CL and JT Sprockets (sprocket) item number JTF2965 They were purchased for a transalp 600. I am after some parts for honda dominator 1992 in exchange anything considered but would like a screen red rear side panels single sided...
  2. Paid research for motorcyclists in/near Berkshire

    TRL (the Transport Research Laboratory) is developing a short training package focused on improving motorcyclists' safety. We are looking for learner riders to take part in this research. All participants will receive £20 as a thank you for taking part. You would be asked to participate in a...
  3. For Sale: 1988 dominator parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    i have a 1988 31K red honda dominator that i am going to be doing different things with so have most parts for breaking and spares see list below for what is availble so far, if you want a part let me know and il let you know if i have it yet: rear rack top box holder and top box rear...
  4. Vigor Modification?

    Dominator / FMX
    Just bought my first single cylinder bike after selling my gsxr,i went with the Vigor 650.|Great bike and still puts a smile on my face:)every time i ride it but with out the back ache of a sports bike. Question is are their any modifications i can to do to improve the perfomance and styling...