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  1. Varadero
    Hello friends, anyone has any updated feedback regarding the EBC HH vs stock one for Vara ABS ? Is the material really too hard that consume the rotor faster than stock? how far faster ? 10k faster? more/less ? i bought it as it was more than 30% cheaper didnt install it yet.. but the rotor is...
  2. Transalp
    Hi, I know this topic has been done to death but i'm after a touring screen for my 600 transalp. I'm around 5'10 with average proportions. I've done a lot of reading and the MRA screens seem to come out well, but i'm not sure if the general reviews i've read are for the touring or touring...
  3. Africa Twin
    A rather nice 03 plate at on the bay, looks tidier & more realistically priced that the average AT you see, done 42k but has service history & mots. How much d ya reckon it'll go for? Never owned an AT! Phil
  4. Africa Twin
    hi all maybe its an old repeated topic , i would like to know the best oil for my At its around 38000 miles and i leave in Egypt (hot climate ) average of 30s year round its hardly to get motorbike oil over here so i use cars oil any hint what is the best oil for it so i can get much much...
  5. Africa Twin
    Just another day in the life of your average AT...YEP! It's still rolling around the swedish countryside on a mainly day to day basis doing mundane duties but at it's best when turning down unknown and new forest tracks (to me anyways)..that's what I call a fun bike :thumbup:
  6. For Sale / Wanted
  7. Chatter
    Happy birthday mate. Hope you got a good one 28???? Have you got any idea by how much you lowering our average age ????:toothy4:
  8. Transalp
    hi every one , i've just fitted a genuine honda touring screen on my ta 650 and am getting quiet a lot of buffeting around my face area also very noisy , i,m not a tall rider just 5'10 (average i guess) ,has anyone tryed a aero trim or an other type of extension / attachement to help with the...
  9. Dominator / FMX
    I have my carbs off at the moment and we all know how hard it is to reach the slow jet screw so what is a good average number of turns out from fully screwed in.I ain't arsed if I'm out by 1/4 turn or so.any ideas just a rough estimate as I can't reach it when the carb is on.cheers folks.
  10. Riding
    driving on mountain top ORIGINAL! - YouTube dirtbiking hillclimb and slide back down - YouTube
  11. Transalp
    What's the average highway fuel consumption when riding around 75 mph? Thx Claudio
  12. Chatter
    I just noticed my average post count is exactly 1 per day. :) [edit, bummer, it gone up to 1.01per day. Still it'll be back to 1 in about an hour and a half]
  13. Africa Twin
  14. Chatter
    It seems that you guys are man mountains. I must be a bit of an odd ball at just 5'8½"......that extra ½" is very important :D So the simple question is "How tall are you?" Also, how high do you need to be to handle the @ off-road?